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The aim of the project is to train 1000 young men and women who have been cut off from education because of the war in Syria .
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"3urbatuna project is incentive of our excellence".

Our training and development center was launched in cooperation with Athar Training and Development in Gaziantep, Turkey.

The aim of the project is to train 1000 young men and women who have been cut off from education because of the war in Syria to gain education and training that will help them live beyond need, begging, migration or loneliness in their education, because of training and development will get through more than 20 training programs in various administrative, scientific and linguistic fields.

We completed three stages of the project:

The first stage was by attending 15 young men and women, where we got support from businessmen for $ 4,000 and we implemented the Office Management Art Program No. 1, which included three courses in computer, business administration and English language. The stage lasted two and a half months from the first of July Twenty Seventeen until the fifteenth of September Twenty Seventeen.

The second stage of 58 young men and women where we got the support by Dutch foreign through the SAS organization for 24000 Euro and we implemented the following:

Office Management Art Program. No 2

Journalist Program No. 1 included three courses in journalism, photography and English for journalists.

Course in web site programming .

Course in marketing through social networking sites .

Course in the design of Photoshop programs and Coral Drew.

The total was 9 courses graduated 58 trainees and took six months from the first of October twenty seventeen till the thirty of March twenty eighteen and it had been secured jobs for a number of them.

The third stage was by attending 60 young men and women. It started on the first of February twenty eighteen, where we received the support by businessmen for $ 6,000. We started the program of a reporter 2 and graduated 15 trainees, and two courses in English language in Istanbul and Gaziantep. Entrepreneurs No1 has three courses in profitable project management, financial management, marketing and English language will graduate 15 trainees and this phase will be ended on the first of September twenty eighteen.

The support we receive is disbursed as follows:

Part of the rent and expenses is for electricity, net, air conditioning and communications.

Part of the salaries is for the work team consisting of four employees.

Trainers and supervisors get full salaries of the courses each according to his work hours and the quality of training that he performs.

The donor will be provided with a technical and financial report and a detailed budget on how the project was disbursed with clarity and transparency.

We want to launch the fourth phase of our project to train 120-150 trainees in several programs and courses such as the previous ones and new courses that have not been discussed previously and we hope to receive a grant of 20,000 dollars through Zoomaal platform with the help of individuals, donors and organizations.

"3urbatuna project is incentive of our excellence" is a charitable, non-profit project that awaits your support

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Gaziantep, Turkey
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