A complete bag of interactive cards, competitions suitable for all ages, full of valuable info about Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Welcome, all contributors, donors, visitors,

At the beginning we would like to introduce ourselves, we are a young team called "Bsboos". We started from Gaza City. Our team consists of a group of girls. We have lots of quality ideas, fun, entertaining and interesting games, in which we aim to bring the family together in an atmosphere of interaction, challenge and fun. And now we are carrying out our first idea: the (Family Bag "Jerusalem tour").

A brief description of the family bag "Tour in Jerusalem":

Tour in Jerusalem is a collection of interactive cards, fun games and contests that are rich in valuable information about the city of Jerusalem, designed to make the information accessible to the contestant in an interesting and enjoyable way.

Objective of the bag:

- Consolidation of the principle of "Jerusalem" - the Capital of Palestine - and connecting it to the largest number of segments of society.

- Introducing the city of Jerusalem and all its archaeological, religious and tourist landmarks, in an atmosphere of interaction, challenge and fun.

- Gather the family around meaningful content and spend a fun and interesting time.

Target group:

All categories and ages over 3 years.

The bag contains 10 main components:

All questions, secrets, mazes, games and all components are ONLY about Jerusalem Our City.

1- Ask and Answer.

2- Discover the secret.

3- Think with us.

4- Solve the Maze.

5- Picture and Information.

6- Play a Puzzle.

7- Color with us.

8- Live the Challenge.

9- The answers to all components.

10- A white-board pen to re-use all cards.

We have produced a sample of bags as a trial version of the product. Through this campaign we hope to produce 2000 bags. We will also produce videos about the bag and videos about Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine. These videos will be posted on YouTube and social network pages to arrive to most viewers.

Through your generous contribution we will produce bags and a number of videos.

The cost for one bag is $ 8, and the estimated cost per video is $ 500, and we need to produce 9 videos "each video explaining one of the components of the bag."

We have divided the work into three phases as follows:

$ 5500 for the first stage: filming and editing 3 videos, producing 500 bags

$ 9000 for the second stage: filming and editing 2 video, producing 1000 bag

$ 6000 for the third stage: filming and editing 4 videos, and producing 500 bags

As supporters of our project we will send you a number of bags in addition to all the videos immediately after production and before presenting them to the public. You will be able to give us your comments and opinions. If we get additional funding, that means more production and we will be closer to delivering the product to a larger number.

Participation is not only financial, but if you cannot contribute materially but would like to help, please just post the page.

Thank you for reading to the end. Thank you to everyone who supports us financially and morally. Thank you to everyone who contributes to spreading the culture about Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

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Whoever sows and reaps, and whoever intends good will find good A distinctive reward of heritage embroidery especially for you .. Attached with two bags as a gift and a certificate of thanks with your name and photo, and a special certificate on social network pages.
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