Zoomaal is the leading crowdfunding platform in the Arab World that aims to support Arab creatives and innovators.

Funds can be raised on Zoomaal for projects and initiatives in the creative, innovative, or community-related sectors.


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How Zoomaal works?

Zoomaal allows creatives to submit their projects online, spread the word about them, and receive funds from the crowd.

What is Zoomaal

What is crowdfunding?

Start your campaign and get funding for your project from the crowd

Why Zoomaal

The crowd

People who share your interests, vision, and passion become a community of supporters for your project.

Why Zoomaal


Different amounts are contributed by your supporters to fund your project and make your idea happen.

Why Zoomaal

Successfully funded project

Your project is successfully funded and you can start turning it into a reality.

Does your project belong on Zoomaal?

Zoomaal Guidelines

  •  All or nothing

    Every project campaign must have a funding goal and a deadline. If you aren't able to reach your funding goal by the deadline, all the money will be returned back to the original funders. However, you are able to divide your goal into Milestones by setting your minimum goal, and explaining what you will be able to do when you reach it, and your overall goal and what else you will be able to do when you reach it. You can also set other milestones in between your initial and your final goals. You will be able to collect all funds that match or exceed your first milestone.

  •  Projects only

    A project should have a defined goal and should not be open-ended. Some examples of projects that are eligible to crowdfund on Zoomaal are: writing a book, creating a prototype for a product, making a short-documentary, or starting a community developmental project.

  •  Must be an accepted category

    Zoomaal accepts projects that fall within the following categories: Animation & Comics, Architecture & Design, Arts, Community, Dance, Education, Environment, Fashion, Films & TV, Food, Games, Inventions, Live & Social Events, Missions & Endeavors, Music, Photography, Research, Software & Web, Theater, Writing & Poetry.

  •  No personal funding

    Zoomaal does not allow projects that request funding for personal goals. E.g. buying a new laptop, or paying university tuition fees. However, if you are, for example, going to the Himalayas to put your country flag there, this is counted as an endeavor that doesn't just benefit you and can be posted on Zoomaal.

  •  No charity

    Zoomaal defines a charity project to be unsustainable, and collecting funds to give them away to a certain group of people or for a certain cause without any maintainable outcomes. Our mission is to promote innovation, creativity & sustainable development in the Arab world that is why we do not accept charity projects. Zoomaal also welcomes projects by NGOs and Nonprofits that have impactful and sustainable outcomes.

  •  No prohibited content

    Zoomaal does not accept projects that encourage the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, directly call for political or religious movements, or pornographic content.

Why Zoomaal?

We are on a mission to spread creativity

Why Zoomaal

No loans or equity

Zoomaal is a reward-based crowdfunding platform. Project owners send their backers rewards, but do not commit equity to them and do not have to return the funding amount they raise.

Why Zoomaal


Campaigners can divide their goals into Milestones. By setting Milestones, project owners can have all the contributions they receive that match or exceed the first Milestone.

Why Zoomaal

Offline pledges

Zoomaal supports offline funding, and offline pledges are counted towards the campaign goal.


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I understand how crowdfunding works

Here is checklist to be prepared to start a campaign!

I understand what crowdfunding means.
My project fits one of the project categories accepted on Zoomaal.
I am ready to take a video for my campaign.
I have at least 4 hour a day to make this project happen.
I am able to get my friends, family, and colleagues to support me to reach 30% of my goal.
Want to know more about crowdfunding? download Zoomaal Crowdfunding Guidebook.

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