The Tunisian artist, Sabrine Jenhani, returns to the forefront of the scene with a new self-produced solo project called ZÃY.
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ZÃY is a contemporary tunisian Indie folk music project based on storytelling.

ZÃY’s project is a modern tunisian music project who values the Tunisian culture by highlighting it’s beautiful langage and it’s rich colorfull music.

Collecting adages from tunisian dialect and make a fusion between mystic oriental and occidental indie rock and folk music are the two major parts of this project. Tunisian dialect as known as "Derja" is the officially spoken langage in Tunisia, therefore,it isn’t part of the school education and is, unfortunately, tending to disapear with continuous langage changes. This project encourages production in tunisian langages and values it with every composition and every lyrics.

Alternative music in the Arab scene has been since the arab revolutions and way before, quiet a huge inspiration for youth, culturally wise and most of all, politically wise. Artist’s from the alternative Arab scene has been speaking loud what minds was speaking low. ZÃY is an alternative Tunisian and Arab project who is willing to be inspiring for youth with its modern fusion between oriental and ethnic origins and its devotion to folk, rock and indie music.

ZÃY’s project is innovative by its music, its texts and its vision.

Music is the best ambassador for exporting the culture of my country, its traditions and morals, and in my new project ZÃY is socially engaged to democratized values such as « love in the oriental countries » and arise awareness about women’s situation in the Arab world.

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Tunis, Tunisia
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Sabrine Jenhani was born and raised in Tunisia, Kherredine. She started singing at the age of 15 with in different garage band. She got her self influenced by different collaboration through her starting carreer and that with different artists and…

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