Zahret El Mansheye Festival for Flowers and Art

Zahret El Mansheye Festival is a free, outdoor flowers and art festival, open to everyone.On 16th of April 2017
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Zahret El Mansheye Festival is a free, outdoor flowers and art festival, open to everyone. 

In the heart of the down town city of Tripoli there is a vintage garden in Tell area called “Mansheye”, it stands as an oasis in the middle of the city traffic.

People from all walks of life will come together to share and participate in Zahret El Mansheye Festival.

Zahret El Mansheye 2017 will take place on the 16 of April, on the Tell Garden - El Mansheye (Tripoli-Lebanon).

Many structures including the municipality and associations already responded positively to this initiative, organized by Tripoli 2022 Group.

The theme for this edition will be Upcycling, where all the flower’s stands and theatre will be made up from upcycled materials, and after the end of the festival the backdrops will be distributed in the old city as vertical gardens to encourage people to take care of green areas and to add a title for the old city as the city of vertical gardens.

This year our program will include over 35 gardeners, artists, amateurs, and volunteers from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, who will come together to turn  the garden into stages for flowers, theater, storytelling, visual arts and music.

We anticipate over 1400 spectators to attend this unique event.

It’s important to mention that this festival is not a profit generator. In fact, all our participants ( artists, organizers, designers, chefs) offer their services, because they believe in the social importance of this one-of-a-kind experience and all the extra funds will be invested in our upcoming events.

Your contribution is vital as there are a lot of inescapable expenses that need to be covered. We need to reach our set goal to simply:

First Goal: 2400$

  • · Cover material needs to construct platforms and set-up.we use recycled materials, like old wood pallets, thrown tires and old doors and windows that we use to buy from different suppliers.
  • · Buy and rent technical equipment for the various installations.
  • · Hire some extra hands for technical duties. 

Second goal: 3600$

  • Print a Booklet. Cover the topic of recycling and some creative tips for upcycling.
  • Fund the communication campaign. It is necessary that we give the festival the exposure it deserves. A lot of heart and effort goes into making this event happen and we want people to share and experience it with us.

If you cannot support (Zahret El Mansheye) financially, there are a number of other ways that you can get involved:

  • SHARE this page and Spread the word: Let people around you know about this campaign via simple human interaction and social media.
  • Volunteer: This event can only happen through the involvement of many. Drop us few lines about you through our facebook page

Because it is essential to encourage the community to use public spaces and share moments of beauty and joy among each other.

We welcome you to support and join us.

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Tripoli, Lebanon
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Walid is a Creative Director, Design Thinker, Maker and a Social Activist, he is the founder of Tripoli 2022 initiative that is trying to classify Tripoli as a sustainable city by the year of 2022.

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