"What Should I Do With My Life?", Answered.

Career advice for students: HOW to design a meaningful, successful future that fits the market!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


As I mentioned in the video, I took a half-a-million-dollar detour to a life I love. I don't want my kids or yours to do the same. Also, the world is changing fast enough to make all our heads spin. 

We can't keep giving the next generation the same tired advice we got when life was slower! 

I've spend the last year researching and learning about the directions we are moving in and let me tell you, it looks nothing like what we know. It's time for new advice from a fresh perspective. And that starts with you, the individual, what you've got, and how best to leverage it into a money-making future. When I say 'Your Life is Your Business', I'm not kidding!


Part 1: Solid research and insight by the world's brightest minds on where the world is going, how fast, and what will be needed when we get there. 

Part 2: What to do about it? Research shows that the intersection of skill, motivation and mindset lead both to happiness and creativity. Throw in market needs, find the intersection and you have your place in the world. Easier said than done, but doable! 

Section 1: How to figure out what you might be good at and how to get good at it!

Section 2: The carrot (salary) and the stick (getting fired) might work as motivation, but the greatest motivation comes from the fire that burns inside you. How can you light the spark, fan the flames and control the blaze so that your motivation fuels you to success? 

Section 3: Motivation and skill are great, but with a crappy mindset, you'll self-combust before taking off. How do you develop a success mindset, where are you likely to falter given who you are, and what can you do about it?!

Part 3: Where do you, your abilities and the world intersect and how do you convert that to money, happiness and meaning? 


Ideally I would like to have the material accessible online (to reach a wider audience!) and to make it more interactive (do people still read books?!). 

As I mentioned, I teach university students and this could be an incredible resource for them and their younger high-school predecessors. Not to mention anyone who's looking for meaning or making a career change!

What would be included: 

- Resources and reading material

- Interactive self assessments to help you understand YOU. 

- Online courses to guide you in certain areas

- FAQs, webinars, chat sessions, and other contributors area. 


Well, I've been researching this for a year and it's crunch time now. Here's a break down: 

  • $15,000: Completing research, interviewing and story development, designing course material and writing the book
  • $15,000: Creating the online platform, with basic resources, material and courses. 
  • $30,000: Creating the second layer of the platform with individual login capability, interactive self-assessments, cross-referenced results and personalized development courses. 

I was talking to a guy who works at a coffee shop. He wanted to study engineering while living in the UAE. His counselor said to him: "Leish? El Hindi arkhas," which translates to 'Why? India is cheaper.' 

Guys, with automation, outsourcing and the sheer amount of stuff floating around in the world, opening a one-dollar shop or studying engineering is no longer a guarantee of success. 

The only way to stimulate an economy is to find a way to answer 'No' to the following questions: 

- Is there a demand for what you're offering?

- Can it be done cheaper abroad?

- Can a computer do it faster? 

 And that my friends is hopefully the impact of this work. It's creating regional awareness on where we are, personal awareness on who we are, and then social awareness on how we can make a contribution that people will pay for.  


I'm a writer and a life coach today and I've never been happier. Here are a few highlights of what happened some time before today: 

- One of the 100 Global Coach Leaders receiving award at the World Coaching Congress in India Feb 2017.

- I teach Engineering Entrepreneurship in the Industrial Engineering department at AUB. I also add a good dose of coaching for my students. Lucky them ;)  

- TEDx speaker on The Power of Distraction at the Sorbonne in Abu Dhabi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7EyRCWOL98) 

- Author of Life as a Leb-neh Lover: The Identity Crisis of a Maybe-Lebanese. Finalist in two categories of the International Book Awards and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards. Also won an award for best short story in a newspaper competition :) 

- PhD with high distinction in Marine Optics from University Pierre et Marie Curie. Scientific publication here. (Warning, headache ahead!)

- Master's Degree in Ocean Engineering from MIT in Boston and B.E. in Electrical Engineering from SUNY at Stony Brook. I'm also an ICF certified co-active coach and a certified creativity coach. (Aaaand I'm a certified facilitator of several psychometric tools)

- Education Note: Most of my education was on scholarship you guys. Yes I'm a nerd! 

- I'm half-Lebanese (mom) and half-Polish (dad) since you're probably wondering about the name.  

- I've played almost every sport under the sun. I'm pretty much an outdoor adrenaline junkie! 

- I adore my kids, hiking, anything beach, and I'm teaching myself sketching. I've recently fallen in love with art, colors, paint and the magic of making colored marks on paper that turn into something recognizable :) 

- I'm co-facilitiating the Creative Rehab-Venice retreat in October if you guys want to join me! (http://www.creativerehab.co/venice)


- Contribute to the development of the website if you are a web-development company/individual. 

- Work with me on research, interviews, and material development. 

- Contribute knowledge, expertise or anything else you think would make this project have greater impact, be bigger, better, bolder!

- Share on social media as much as possible. 

- Provide editorial expertise for completed manuscript. 

- Cheer me on or say hello and that you would love to see this project materialize (this will give me courage and motivation to keep going!) 

Hugs to everyone who made it this far down the page :)  You've restored my faith in readers!



A Little Note About The Video

It's not brilliant I know, but it's really the best I could do on a low (read no) budget. Also, I say that I'm 30 in it and I'm actually almost 38. I'm not trying to sound younger I think I just zoned out after reading the script so many times. It's ok, I forgive me :) 

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Kathy Shalhoub, PhD, ACC is a writer and a personal development coach working both with individuals and companies. Here are a few highlights of what happened some time before today: - One of the 100 Global Coach Leaders receiving award…

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