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An Open Space for Young Artists and creative people and a supporter for small Non-profits.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Young Eyes project???

The Young Eyes Project is semi/non profit organization whose main purpose is to assist artists of all disciplines in sharing their gift with the world while at the same time helping children with less fortunate circumstances express and explore undiscovered gifts talents.  The majority of the workshops and projects stem from recycled materials collected from the local community.  

The idea of young Eyes project was found by Khaled Al Homsi in Damascus in 2008, and after the last events the idea of the project was moved to Amman, Jordan at the end of 2013.

Our Vision:

Here at young life our vision is to see that every artist regardless of their ethnical, religious, or social background have the opportunity to share their gifts with the world. While continuing to do our part in contributing to the community that we have called home by means of free workshops and recycling projects. 

*Some of the most important accomplishments of the project in 2014.

Please watch the the video attached

 " A documentary shows some of the last year's activities (10 Minutes long) "

1. 17 Solo/Group artists exhibitions have been hosted and organized by Y.E.

2. Provided for 3 different plays which included, costume/stage design, production and venue  

3. Collaborating with local and international Non-profits through organizing free workshops and exhibitions for refugees and most vulnerable in the society.  The project has worked with 8 local and international Non-profits during the year of 2014.

4. Presenting the idea of Recycling in an artistic way to the society through workshops and unique designs. Over 20 recycled product have been produced and offered to the buyers and the market.  

5. Organizing many different music nights to support young musicians by providing a venue and audience at no cost to the musicians.  

6.A collection of free workshops for the most vulnerable people ranging from children to elderly.

The project is divided to different sections: 

1.  The Showroom; an opportunity for young artist to break into the often times very difficult world of art exhibitions.

     2. An artistic free library and it’s the last place for some arts and theatre students for it having a collection of important books and references in art. 

     3. A quiet studying area for studying and doing researches where there is a free internet access. 

     4. Creativity room which is the space where we design and produce our recycled products.

Why do we need support & What do we need?

The project needs your support for a new collection of books and technical equipments  such as cameras/display screen since all of the equipments we have borrowed from supporters of the project.

Also, the project needs to pay some payables such as the rent and basic office needs.

In 2014 Young Eyes was fortunate enough to host several exhibitions, workshops, and other projects all of which were funded by the staff along with the generosity of family and friends. This year promises to be even more successful, but this can only be accomplished with the help and support from others. 

The project also needs to have a website to start promoting/publishing the project on a larger scale in order for our message to reach further than ever before. For this to happen we will need support with mass printing of flyers, pamphlets, posters etc.

Who we are ??

Young Eyes team is basically a group of friends who don't really make any profits out of it and their goal is to keep on the sustainability of the project in their free time.
      1.Burghall Gunaid and he's a Syrian graffiti artist and genius inventor.

      2.Valentina Corona and she's a professional photographer and works communication officer in one of the non-profits located in Amman, Jordan. 

     3.Musab Nofal and he's a mechanical engineer who works as a short movies director.

      4.Natalie Boziniac and she's the accountant officer in the project, also works in project management in one of the Jordanian companies.

     5.Khaled Al Homsi the founder who also works as freelance interior designer. 
The sustainability of the project comes from Khaled Al Homsi the owner of the idea where his work is focused on interior design and recycled furniture and some profits that the projects makes.

The effect and the reflection of the project on the society 

*I apologize for the long descriptions, it’s hard sometimes to abridge it.*

In the beginning when I arrived in Amman there was no window of hope. I found myself in an unfamiliar country with no family, friends or even a familiar face to trun to for support. After 9 long months of hard work and perseverance Young Eyes was born again, in one of the oldest and most important places in Amman “ Jabal Al- Webdeh “ to make some friends/ publish the idea if the project I organized some free activities to support young artists. After six months the project faced a huge success where Young Eyes became the second home for artists/talented people, and from a way of returning the favor they started sharing the project with everyone, so after it has been a year the project has already collaborated with 8 national and international  Non-profits to organize workshops for children/women and refugees, apart from that the project organized many solo/group exhibitions/directed 3 plays/hosted 6 music nights. and with the time passing by we have developed the project that raises the awareness about recycling art. Now and praise to Allah we have reached the second phase of the project so we need your help and support since the project is not a personal project anymore, it became a venue for so many individuals and talented people to highlight their work to the society. 

Other ways to help

To all of our friends out there and all of whom liked the idea of our small project you can support us by sharing this campaign with your friends and relatives. You can also show your support by providing us with anything that it could be recycled.


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A unique notebook mad out of recycled materials in an artistic unique way. Shipping cost added depending on the country.
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To express our gratitude, we would like to give you Aahaat's first CD album as a gift
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First 10 supporters with the amount of $100 will get a painting from the artist Wael Al- Wareeth works for value of $150 that the supporter will choose. Shipping cost added depending on the country.
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The silver box contains an album for Ahat band signed by the band + The recycled notebook + A unique table lamp made by the team. Shipping cost added depending on the country.
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The golden box contains an album for Ahat band signed by the band + The recycled notebook + A unique table lamp made by the team + painting from the artist Wael Al- Wareeth works for value of $200 that the supporter will choose. Shipping cost added depending on the country.
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