The first café in egypt is dedicated to girls and the place is completely free of men. The goal of this project is to give full privacy
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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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Name: Moamen Attia Abed Age: 22 years old student at Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science, 6th October University Function: Photographer and graphic designer

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As soon as you participate in support of my project, whether material or moral support, it contributed to the development of our Arab society and also contributed to preserving the privacy of our sisters and mothers, who lack many places and once you hear that there is a girl went to the cafe mixed, The woman is the woman of society. She is the basis of everything. We must honor her and give her the right. This is the least of her rights. She is the one who contributes in providing a place for her and her friends so that they can take their freedom in the place without worrying about those around them. J Helped the development of women's thought and preservation from the dark side of this society.
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The name of everyone who contributed to the establishment of this place and project will be put to express their gratitude and appreciation
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There will be a dedicated amount of profit to donate to the appropriate places and help to change the community and provide meals daily
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