Creativity of Arab women in the fashion arts

Design and manufacture of abayas Arab Trzh and exported to the Arab world and the European community Opening up new job opportunities
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: Characterized by the cloak and the intervention of strong competition with other species .. like abaya Gulf are a career marked by the population here long years since the existence of workshops and designers the most efficient .. although they are a small town, but they have more than 300 workshop lasting manufactured for the same cloak only .. cloak Kerdasa.Characterized abaya .. colors delightful intervened by all colors but the black color is just .. It takes most of the colors in the design one or two colors or three .. and that's what draws the customer's perspective here, where colors delightful .. In addition to handicrafts that are found by Alsma strings of gold and silver .. it is also characterized by the famous spacious and raw, which is the first feature .. it is the severity of Egyptian cotton .. it is the raw material most comfortable among other fabrics and we welcome visitors since early morning offer the best products at the show cabinets glass tidily and all .. vendor displays his best is flaunting due to the quality of his work and Menthath.Mustafa Mohsen, a vendors cloak Kerdasa says: We are the most quality and top-selling abaya producer in Egypt .. and proud of it because they characterize the extent of creativity and art in design but also in raw .. Although after the city for Cairo to attend to us all Arab countries such as Kuwait and Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the UAE .. because women prefer to wear the abaya, and we have designed all kinds of abaya in Kerdasa for children and girls large and the ladies in old .. However, the girls are the most popular it .. because of the joy carried by the abaya and also a slice of the children attending the tourists to Egypt are keen on wearing them.And named after the street street tourism due to the demand of tourists him to buy handmade products .. because all products are designed manually .. and relies on precision and skill .. did not face any obstacles, but in the last period where the political events that have faced the city and led to the recession quite street and sluggish sales movement .. but we came back again to ignite the market with the latest designs and took the cloak reputation of the city's name.

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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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I am a young Egyptian told the 33-year-old holds a Bachelor of cultivation Cairo University I work in the field of clothing

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