Whip it! A guide to getting sassy and skilled in the kitchen

Stories, banter and recipes from a busy girl’s kitchen whipping up simple and yummy recipes to get you through the day.
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Hi! My name is Delna. I am a Dubai-born Indian, and I like to think of myself as a collector of stories and recipes from my travel and food experiences across the globe. I am all excited to talk to you about my recipe book with a difference – Whip it! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Let me tell you more. 

Whip It! is a simple, tried and tested and easy-peasy survival guide for the busy kitchen-phobic girl.

As women, we increasingly have multiple roles in life –sometimes more than we can manage. We all want to live an abundant life and make the most out of every minute, but sometimes it can all feel overwhelming. 

I’m no stranger to chaotic days. By 7pm, I’m usually exhausted from catering to a boss who is convinced everything is urgent, hiding chipped nail polish that needs me-time, running to a get-together with girlfriends and brainstorming a presentation that needs to be done by 12am – phew!  But despite all that, I always look forward to whipping up a meal for myself and destressing. I get home, whip up something delicious, Instagram it and often get asked, “Where do you get the time?”

I love my routine – schedules, travels, deadlines and night outs – but I also love, and have always loved, good food. I’ve been serious about food since I was a little girl…

From being inspired by my travels to checking out my next-door-neighbour’s creations, from breakfast on-the-go to elegantly laid out dinner tables, Whip It! is filled with recipes, anecdotes and hacks on how to turn the kitchen to that place where you dance, create flavours and truly chill out. 

It’s for every girl who wants to feel she’s got a grip on her busy day and kitchen fears amidst the city-life mayhem. It’s all my scribbles, mindless banter, travelogues and food-stained notes put together in a book, just for all my girlfriends out there. 

Although this is a passion project, there are some costs that need to be covered in order for the book to be beautifully-produced and to make its way to our bookshops. I am proud and so excited to be working with Dubai-based female talent - from the publishers to the photographers, it’s all female power. My book has been chosen for publication by The Dreamwork Collective, a Dubai based homegrown publishing house whose mission is to share stories from the region with the world. Some costs are covered, and I need to take care of the rest. Every cent I hope to raise on Zoomaal will be put to good use: food, photography, distribution and printing. 

What’s more – you will be cheering for an all-female team, passionate about the Gulf, India, and generating cross-cultural bridges, who are determined to bring Whip It to the bookstores of Dubai, the Gulf and international markets!

I hope you will consider contributing to seeing Whip It! come alive.

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