support the work of the team to rach all the restaurants and bakeries in amman
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Team work "we can " : a youth group is trying to put their fingerprint in the community and create a turning point .

 Our idea begins from the wall . !

 wall of bakery or restaurant the nearest you,

 And you will put your fingerprint on this wall ....

How ?

 Will buy your need of bread and if you want to pay the price of a kilo of bread and will put the invoice on the wall in the name of a kilo of bread on the wall, and the same thing the restaurant will buy your need of food and if you want to pay the price of a sandwich and will put its invoice the wall as the sandwich on the wall, and this invoice will be a gift from you to needy people you do not know.

 It will benefit from the invoice value, relieving himself without embarrassment, and will turn Statistics bill for part of the work of a great value in our society , and will continue to support the initiative of individuals of society The goal ... Achieve societal solidarity and prevent begging and will get rid of the phenomenon of hunger , and you will live a decent life .

 Everyone in the community will feel great its value and its important role in the community and will contribute to this achievement and will be turned over generations points.

 Disclaimer: We do not collect donations and delivery of any particular category , we need to support , to navigate and purchase advertising materials to present the idea to the shopkeepers .

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