Vision: transforming images into 3D

"VISION" is a project that is based on transforming still images and prints into 3D animations
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


I'm Ghewa, I love reading and learning, that's why I decided to use technology to facilitate teaching and open new horizons for education.

It's true that human development was a result of education. Unfortunately, the ways of education hadn't developed that much.

The Problem:

The book is still a group of texts and pictures. When we need to explain a certain idea, for example, we'll go to the lab or watch a video for further explanation.

The Solution:

That's when I got this idea of transforming, not only the book but also everything around us, into a 3D lab and a video-display screen.

Everything is possible with Technology.


1- Imagine yourself reading an animal magazine. Now you're looking at a dog picture. You'll not see an image of a dog, but rather a 3D figure of a dog that will walk and bark on top of the page.

This is not science fiction… this is reality I'm talking about.

2- Before talking about the application and where have I been with the project, I would like to talk about physics. Yes physics!  You know how complicated the physics book is, especially when it comes to electricity, and how the current moves from the battery to light a lamp. Instead of explaining about the battery and the cables and how to connect them in order to light a lamp, now we can simply apply our phone on top of the page and a 3D projection of the battery, cables and the lamp will appear and we can connect everything with our hands. This way education will be more flexible and applicable not only visual.

Is it only for education??? No, it's for everything around us.

3- You're reading an article about the FIFA, and Brazil scored on France, put your phone on the magazine and press play, a video about the match will appear in front of you.

4- You're reading about a certain recipe and have no idea how to cook it, simply apply your phone and the pot will appear with all the ingredients being mixed. This way you can prepare whatever you want. Master Chef.

How this can happen???

This can happen with your smart phone, tablet, or digital lenses from Google or Samsung. Who doesn't have a smart phone or a tablet?! Simply put phone on the book and let my application transform the images into videos, voice recordings, or 3D animated figures.

The project at this time:

I was able to make a program, application, and I made several forms so you can check them out. This program is applicable on Android and you can try it if you want. Just tell me so I could send you the link.

I've been able to make many examples such as: dog, cat, house, car, painting, Spiderman, and a table. Yet it needs a lot of enhancements.








What do I need?

I need about 9000$ to:

 - Get few devices to support most major mobile devices.

 - Enhance to graphics and technology more.

 - Make 1st Arab "Vision" book.

 - Start promoting my work to publishers and engineers.

 - Build my website and my business identity

Don’t you have money!?You still can help me by promoting my work and share it with your contacts and connections. Thanks in advanced.

The future of the project:

Now I'm talking about a book, but imagine:

Paintings: You're in a museum, you saw a printing of a waterfall. Now you're using your phone and you can see the water falling on the floor, you can also listen to the sound of water and see the birds.

Advertisements: You liked a refrigerator on a magazine, make it 3D and open it to check it out.

Games: You are playing Monopoly with the kids. Make the blue stone looks like a moving car and the pink one as a Barbie, and if you got into jail you can hear the police car coming to get you.

Music: A new CD is in the market and you want to listen to its music. Just get your phone close to the CD's cover and listen.

Engineering: A house is being constructed, put your phone on the maps and enter your new house where you can turn on the lights and off or close and open the doors.

 Just imagine after releasing this program everything around us and much more can be transformed into a 3D animated figure and can be controlled by my hands.

ِFinally, With your support let us change this world from a still world into an interactive one. Let's benefit from technology to develop our skills and kids' education.

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As a student and a scholar, my passion depends on learning and education. Through my educational years I've participated in many scientific projects and researches, this is all because of my intellectual excellence and vast imagination to come up with…

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get 1 custom image, and when you look at it on your mobile you will see 3D object or a video appearing on top of it
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Not only a static content for 1 time, but also you will get a link for a website where you can change the content, so sometimes you will see a dolphin, sometimes a car, sometimes a cat, etc…
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Do you have a special idea on your head? just tell us what do you think on, and we will design it, and make it life in our technology!
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your photo and name will be appearing as the application name, and you have your own brand mobile application
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