An online talents competition on YouTube, helping to grow the Middle Eastern talent community.
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 11 May,2015

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


This is a global online talents competition based on YouTube video popularity, currently open to UAE-based contestants in its pilot season. Aims to help the talent community grow and gain recognition, by helping talented people reach fame and fortune through exposure. Also helps to democratize the talent industry by providing alternatives to the popular TV talent shows, which are very difficult to access. Talents include all artistic expressions such as singing, dancing, comedy, playing music, magic, acrobatics, or pretty much anything that can go viral online.

In a new development, Viral Talents has reached a partnership agreement with the famous regional talent/events agency DreamScape. Through this partnership, top talents will be shared across the two and winners from Viral Talents will have the chance to get a talent work contract with DreamScape.

The process to join the competition is very easy – the person simply needs to create a short video clip (max 2 min) of their original talent with any HD camera (most new phone cameras have that), and send it to us for enrollment. We maintain their privacy by not showing any names or identifying information on the video channel, we just assign a number to each contestant. Several rounds of the competition are held each year, with the first one being exclusive to UAE residents only, then to expand regionally and globally. We have several categories for types of talent, and a winner will be chosen from each category. Winners will be invited to a media-covered event and presented with a cash prize, trophy, and options for sponsorship. More details are available in our animated video and terms & conditions page which are accessible at


This is a new and homegrown solution for those who have hidden talents but are not able to show it off and use it to make money and get famous. Viral Talents is positioned as their vehicle to recognition and success by getting their talent out for the world to see and vote for, giving them public recognition and prizes (at winner event ceremonies), and connecting them with talent jobs to monetize their talents. Through this program, we can help impact the Arab talent community by offering them an alternative way to utilize their skills and earn an income besides traditional corporate employment.

What we need & What you will get:

We want the support of our believers to help us establish this platform for the region’s talented people – to enable this opportunity equally for everyone.

We will aim to publicize this platform widely and to make sure we reach most of the talented people in the region through our campaign… and most importantly to help them get discovered and find enjoyable work.

The funds we raise here will go towards our outreach and PR, and also to provide prizes and a fun event for winners and participants.

Join us and let’s bring this to reality and make a real difference in peoples’ lives!

Other ways you can help:

We need you to spread the word about this talent discovery show by telling your friends and contacts, and anyone you know who may have a talent and can benefit from this exposure. Also follow us and share us on social media!

How we are going to spend the fund:

if we achieve our target, we will use the fund to make this program successful as below:

3,000  USD PR campaign

3,000  USD online Advertising Facebook, YouTube and Google

4,000 USD Event Setup 

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Get a personalized note from the founding team thanking you for your contirbution
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We will announce your name in our social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) and a handle/hashtag of your choice.
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In addition to all the above, we will mention your name in the final credits of our winners reel.
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In addition to all the above, you will be our honored guest at the winners' gala ceremony at the end of the season. (this invitation in not inclusive of hotel or airfare)
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In addition to all the above, your name will be mentioned publicly at the ceremony as a top contributor.
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