Video clips of poems of love & tolerance.

Producing 24 video clips of my poems aiming to promote love, peace, and tolerance, hoping to add a small contribution towards love and peace
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Short Summary
Production of 24 video clips of my poems that aim to promote love, peace, and tolerance, 2 bi-monthly video clips over the next 12 months.

What We Need & What You Get
The funds will cover the cost of production, such as sound recording studio, cameramen, producers and directors, editors, models and actors/actresses.
The Impact
I have produced many video clips of my poems, and purchased custom made ones in some cases, using my own funds and savings. Unfortunately my financial resources were depleted, making my dream vanish in front of my eyes. However, together we can make a difference, a small contribution from the heart will have a great impact on reviving the dream and contributing to promoting love, peace, and tolerance.

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Amman, Jordan
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Mohammad Abu-Ghosh a Jordanian poet/author from Palestinian origins. Born in Kuwait in 1958 and holds a degree in business administration. He writes poems of love , romance and tolerance in both Arabic & English, hoping to add even a small…

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$300 or more

20 Available

A signed photo of the cover of my most viewed video clip
$3000 or more

5 Available

I will place a personalized appreciation caption on one of my video clips citing your support for reviving the dream and making the production of this video possible.
$9999 or more

2 Available

I will produce a special video clip which will be posted on my Youtube channel and my Facebook page where I will read a poem especially written for you appreciating your support for reviving the dream and our quest to promote love and tolerance.
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