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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The parallel universe ( Utopia): is the ideal universe where we are looking for in case of: tired of routine of life and searching for innovation exchanging of experiences with people that have same attitudes looking for different co-working environment that motivates you to break the new seeking out showing your creation
so... who are we!! .. and why did we submit to this project
  • we are two youth, they have a one target which states the willing of development, they faced a lot of problems. and they found that, there are more youth have this challenges. therefore, we felt as calling of duty provision the solution to this problems to spread the culture and entrepreneurship

our needs:
and the big problem was how to create that parallel universe on the real world without having fund to put the corner stone 
and so the role of contributors to help us with our dream and make it true

why contribution..?
simply, you maybe someone who really have same problems and felt same suffering and really need a place like that !
or a person representing an Institution that help youth and so it's the best problem with solution to contribute in if you need leaving impact in society :)

how to contribute .. ? 
once you have believed in our idea and and agreed that it's a problem and need a slut ion !. great we have common ground 
so you have only two ways :) 
- the first: you don't have money ! and so you can spread idea and start sharing our concept :) 
-second:you have money and really want to leave an impact and change our society and so you will be happy to help us creating our dream

what benefits..?!
just imagine that your name will be  inherent of aflame of success that would help youth to change and make their dream as a true ! and so you will be well-known
We do not imagine an alternative to success! and so the percentage of failure is trivial But in the worst possibilities your money will go for another project that have common aims or you will recover it 

as we are apart of the problem and we have good experience of how to manage work it makes us qualified for being in  degree of responsibility 

all ideas reserved for عالم موازى | co-working space corporation 

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it's a thanks letter via social media to thank you of contributing with us
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it's an invitation to our workspace opening. we will invite some of Writers and artists
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gift box with our logo to thank you of contributing with us
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we will print banner with top contributors in addition to an invitation card
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