Using the back camera of the cellular device to make it alternative to the front camera for Selfie photo

A product use as alternative front camera for mobile for Selfie photo
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

what is The product ?

 The product is a camera to take selfie photo, small-size ,portable to be placed on the back camera  to use it on all cellular devices to become a front camera use...

How the idea started ?

The idea started !!!like this every day we see people taking selfie photo but few of them have a mobile with a front camera high quality resolution , so we see them but we can not do like them why !!! because the front camera we have on mobile is poor quality or it does not exist .... but all the devices with  back Camera always has  high quality resolution form this point I get the idea of the product why not to  use this advantage

 to make it front camera alternative for selfie photo  and I can use the product for all devices that contain a back camera   to become a front camera with a high quality resolution..

What we need !!

We need your support for the funding which is an initial amount 10,000 $

Why this amount?

It will assists and help to make a perfect product with good technology to take high-quality photos,to enhance the shape and geometric formality for easier use, fitting all devices with different models with one product  so no need to buy more than one product for each model ...

Ambition !!

My ambition is to get more than the initial amount 10,000 $

 what is the reason for that ?? The reason is to begin manufacturing for the product or finding the supports of my idea In both cases participation or to invests, with me to develop and produce the product to launch it in the global markets ...

What is the positive impact of the project?

The product is a low cost priceو fits all devices no matter how different types and sizes,the most important thing to bring happiness for all the people and to enjoy taking self-photo also it saves money and you don't need to buy an expensive device to get a high-quality front camera ..

Thanks All ...

I would like to thank everyone who helped me physically or financially , Special thanks to those who supported my idea and stood with me for my candidacy for the campaign and to highlight my idea..

I also thank all of my campaign supports financially or physically for participating or publishing my idea in the promotional media or social communication to success  my campaign all thanks for your concern with my deepest appreciation ....

Please help me all, friends or followers of my campaign or who is not able to provide financial support , you may all help and support my campaign by spreading or participation or sharing my idea  in the  social network or in the media network, to get more support to my campaign with my deepest thanks to all..

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Thanks letter to your contribution for supporting... and a simple gift, my product when I launch it in the global markets..
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The amount of your contribution you will gain as much as you contribute a gift from me a selfie camera product in case if I succeeded launching it in the global markets with a thanks letter .
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You will receive my product with the same amount of your contribution at cost price when I launch it in the global markets and you will be exclusive agent for my product in your country
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You will receive my product with the same amount of your contribution at cost price when I launch it in the global markets and you will be exclusive agent for my product in your region
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