Unmanned Ground Vehicle with Virtual Reality Vision

Turn any near surrounding of the user choice to a virtual environment that can be discovered remotely with a pair of glasses and a joystick.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Hello Zoomaal community, I'm Mahmood, a fresh Computer Engineer graduate, my graduation project was a great success and it scored the highest mark in my university this year.

As it was a great success in university, I thought that I should improve it , and add more features to it, but it was hard for me to do so as the high-end equipment and technologies are expensive, so here I am on Zoomaal.

Until this moment the project is named "oTo", this name was suggested by a user in the Reddit community.

The project aims to let the user discover any hard to reach surrounding using a pair of glasses and a joystick, this is done by placing a special type of cameras called "Stereoscopic Camera" that simulates human eyes to create the "3D" depth effect, also this camera is placed on motors that makes it copy the user head movement. The camera video feed is send to a "Virtual Reality" headset which is the glasses the user wear to look through the cameras.

The prototype that was made was good enough to test the idea, but it lacked the "High-quality touch" and high performance, this is the reason i want to improve it using the latest available technologies.

There are many fields for the project to be used in, some of these fields are: Military, Filming and Entertainment, Construction and Architecture.

The money is going to be spent on many different parts, i am mentioning some of the parts like:

The main question a backer is going to ask is "where is the money going to be spent ?" the answer for this question is quite simple, the money is going to be spent on new parts to improve the already made prototype, such improvements needs high-end, expensive parts such as:

  1. A high-end processing unit called Nvidia Jetson TX2.: 600$.
  2. High-end "Stereoscopic camera" called the "Zed camera": 450$.
  3. A high quality chassis for the UGV itself: +1200$.
  4. an RF transceiver to allow the UGV to be driven for long distances: +400$.
  5. Two CSI cameras called E-cam-131: 480$.
  6. Build a Hexa-bot to be deployed from the UGV: +1000$.
  7. High quality VR headset: 150$.
  8. Build a Quad-copter to be deployed from the UGV: +800$.
  9. High power batteries with a suitable charger: 300$.
  10. High precision Gimbal: 500$.
  11. High precision GPS: 100$.

 *And there are many other parts that will be utilized to improve the project.*

And to keep it clear with you Zoomaal community, during the work on this project, some parts might be damaged or broken (that's how it is in the field of inventing and testing), so some money will be spent on spare parts in case something goes wrong. Also a good amount of the money will be spent on the shipping of the parts and on the customs and taxes that will be applied on the parts, these parts are found in very specific countries like the US and Canada.

This video shows how the prototype working and what are the minimal capabilities of this project.


I will list what i am going to improve in the project in form of a list:

  1. make two modes for the car, Manual an Autonomous, in the manual mode; the user drives the UGV manually. in the Autonomous mode; the UGV will drive itself using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.
  2. Creating 3D Mesh Map for each trip the user takes the UGV for, a 3D mesh map is a 3D model made using the Stereoscopic camera. Such type of images allows to analyze any environment the UGV is driven on. such a mesh map needs a high quality camera to create a high quality mesh map, such a map can be used for many things, such as converting any real-life world object into a 3D model to be edited on a computer, also the 3D mesh map can be used to calculate the dimensions of an object in the mesh map. an example for a mesh map is shown in the image below, the image shows a man standing in front of a stereoscopic camera, the image from the camera can be turned into such a 3D map.
  3. Live Object Classification on the VR headset. also using the Artificial Algorithms, a computer can classify what object is in a picture, the image below shows an example of such a computer ability.
  4. Camera Stabilization, using Brushless DC Gimbal motors instead of the Servo Motors in the 3-axis rotating head, the 3-axis platform will be able to stabilize the camera and block any vibrations that may appear while driving the UGV.


if it happened and i managed to get this project going and improved, i'll be making a study to find all the fields that may need such a project to be used in, and once such a study is done, i'll be turning this project into a product that helps in any related field.

If you liked the idea and the potential behind this project and found it interesting, I hope you would help improving it even with a "spread the word" by sharing it to as many people you can!


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My name is Mahmood Al-khalil, 23 years old, a fresh computer engineer graduate from Princess Sumaya University for Technology located at Amman - Jordan. I'm skilled in Robotics and Software programming, and currently working as a Telecommunication Support Engineer.

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