Lebanese Under 18 Rugby League to Compete in Serbia

Strengthen Lebanese Rugby League through helping us compete in our first European Tournament.
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The Lebanese Rugby League Federation is an entity striving to develop the sport of Rugby League domestically in Lebanon, aiming to base the athletic life of the Youth in a sport built upon the principles of camaraderie, self-sacrifice and undeniable honor in sport. This has resulted in a growing population of players, since the Federation’s foundation, with competitions available at the School, University, and Club level.

For us Under 18s (U18) players, the competition is becoming increasingly challenging, showing a clear development of the sport in Lebanon, even at the school level. This is resulting in an increased level of skill in young players and is causing our U18 Team to partake in more and more challenging matches, such as competing against Saudi Arabia and Palestine, winning both times.

All these games, though, were played domestically, at the American University of Beirut (AUB) Hostler Center Green Field, and we have not yet had the opportunity to play, and honor our country, on foreign soil. This year, we were invited to take part in a tournament in Serbia, where we would face our toughest competition yet; England, France, and Russia, just to name a few.

This has inspired me, as well as other members of my team, to train harder, and more often, to face, and possibly win, against such competition abroad. We are striving to take part in this tournament, and are doing all we can to ensure that this trip will be a success, not only in winning certain games, but also in elevating the performance of Lebanese Rugby and proving Lebanon to be a country worthy of international athletic recognition in this sport.

Currently, we are preparing ourselves physically for the trip, but we are also financially burdened. We, the players and the national team representatives, have to provide the financing for our flights, accommodation, as well as our nourishment during the trip. On average, this is proving to be prohibitive for our team.

As representatives of Lebanon, and of the Arab World, in this tournament, we ask for your help in sharing our dream, of being internationally recognized, of facing the toughest opponents the U18s team has faced to date, and in increasing Rugby League’s renown as a sport in Lebanon and the Arab World.  

We require funding which will be divided amongst all players. This will help cover the traveling expenses, nutritional needs, and accommodation of the players. In return, we will thank donors depending on donations, with our means of thanks ranging from running extra laps during trainings, to placing logos on the federation website and jerseys. 

We hope you can help us shape our future in this sport, and be part of the growing society of Rugby League Supporters in Lebanon and the Arab World.

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I am currently a member of the Lebanon U18s Rugby League Team, and am very passionate about developing this sport for the Lebanese youth. I've been participating in the School Rugby League (SRL) Tournament for the past three years, and…

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