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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Trochet (pronounced with a silent ‘t’ at the end and an extended ‘e’) is as much a social movement as it is a business. A fusion of two words, Trash + Crochet, our business idea brings to market a range of hip, trendy and ‘must-have’ lifestyle products for the globally oriented and environmentally aware city dweller. These items, such as bean bag chairs, beach bags, scuba dive bags, sturdy yoga mats, and stress balls, are produced and sold in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with an eye to satisfying the cravings of the modern, educated, and active urban population. 

The staple features of all Trochet products are that they are handmade by local women of disadvantaged backgrounds, utilizing traditional crochet stitches, but with a twist: the thread used is plastic, made from disposed of shopping and garbage bags that fly around our city and contribute to its persistent solid waste dilemma.


Getting the fund will help us in renting a little factory for the three months only that we will be using to provide space for the creative needy women to get trained and have a sustainable production line as an essential step in the production function, as well we would need it to store the wastes of plastic bags from all over city and that would help us in hiring more women and produce more creative products for you at the right time and deliver it to you with passion and love :)


As Founders of Trochet, we (Reem Bakheet & Diana Rayan) are fully dedicated to the project and deeply involved in business operations, from concept development to supervision of production and marketing of the products. In addition, we have mobilized a number of enthusiasts who are providing their full support, each depending on their area of expertise.

At this stage none of us are being paid for our efforts, but we plan for future employment through Trochet. We have 1 member who is responsible for overseeing product design and following up with the crochet women workers (a total of 50 women), and another who arranges logistics and takes care of the finances. We also have a driver who collects the raw materials and delivers them to the workers. 

To our advantage, we have also mobilized a group of expert consultants who provide regular input on various parts of the design phase. These include a business consultant, a marketing consultant, a social consultant, a design consultant, and an organizational design consultant. 


Trochet has succeeded in creating a viable business opportunity from both a social ailment (too many poor people in a land of riches) and an environmental predicament (an ever-growing solid waste disposal problem and a culture of waste).

Our team is driven equally by our desire for social and environmental impact, as it is for creating a successful commercial venture. First, our initiative aims to play a role in cleaning up our cities, and creating a source of revenue for a select number of disadvantaged women. Second, we are keen to market the story behind each product, such that environmental and social awareness are created in society, for socially responsible practices to begin. Third, we hope to start a trend, encouraging others to follow our footsteps and create products of their own that achieve the triple bottom line (financial, social, environmental returns). 



made out of one lost plastic bag.


made out of around 200 lost plastic green bags


made out of 1000 lost and sad blu plastic bags filled with olg foam grinded into granules to make you feel comfy


Made out of 60 blue plastic bags.


Made out of 40 plastic bags.


Made out of old car tire has turned with wood into a simple chair having a cushion made out of 30 plastic bags


Made out 35 plastic bags attached to smooth wood for your comfy and productivity work on your laptop.


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At Trochet we utilize the under privileged women in KSA as potential labor, while we sell the products they weave at a premium; we foresee this as a social business, re-injecting our profits to cover operating expense and build for…

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$15 or more

85 Available

You will get a colorful stress ball made out with passion and love from Mr. Plastic Bag who will mention your name online on his page to keep your stress away and shine your day :) PS: 5 $ was added to the price as shipment fee.
$46 or more

19 Available

A nicely circled door mat made out of colorful plastic bags sent to your door with passion and love. PS: 5 $ was added to the price as shipment fee.
$90 or more

26 Available

A unique beach bag looks like flower made to you with love to make your trip to the beach a lovely one. PS: 5 $ was added to the price as shipment fee
$98 or more

12 Available

300 lost plastic bags were turned creatively into a super yoga mat and used for beach mat as well only for you. PS: 5 $ was added to the price as shipment fee
$101 or more

17 Available

A nicely and comfy laptop stand made out of green plastic bags and brown wood for your computer to stay there and work productively. PS: 8 $ was added to the price as shipment fee
$200 or more

9 Available

A lost car tire has turned creatively into a unique chair for your living room or garden with a comfy cushion made out of plastic bag. Comes with different colors on your flavour. PS: 10 $ was added to the price as shipment fee
$409 or more

4 Available

Ms. Trochet super comfy bean bag comes with large size (80*80cm), comes with mixed colors of plastic bags, that will shine your room and have all friends beating on it :) PS: 8 $ was added to the price as shipment fee
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