Tyre International Short film festival is the first festival of its kind in South of Lebanon
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The Tyre International Short Film Festival is organized to promote cinema in the South of Lebanon; to bridge gaps between communities, countries and people. During the festival, short movies of all kinds will be screened, accompanied by Q&A sessions with directors and actors. You can help us to achieve this goal, as a very important step to promote a culture of arts and peace in the South of Lebanon.

It's been a year and half now since we (a group of young people from the South of Lebanon - from the old city of Tyre to be more precise -) decided to pursue our dreams and to promote a cultural uprising to end a long period of creative low. By organizing art related activities and by reopening Cinema Al Hamra we're building this: a theater that was steeped in oblivion for 27 years. The opening of Cinema Al Hamra was followed by the first edition of The International Theater Festival of Tyre where 11 theatre companies performed for an audience that was longing for such developments. Building on this energy and optimism, a beautiful group of young people continues to organize activities for the people of the city and the surrounding refugee camps. The concerts, classes, film screenings and street performances are becoming the talk of the town.

So far, all these activities are organized with very limited financial support and mostly with a lot of energy of the team as the driving force behind the theatre. To take this all a step further we need more support, especially for the second edition of the Tyre International Short Film Festival that will take place in December of this year.

What We Need & What You Get

The Impact
During the first version of TISFF people were showing up at the entrance of Cinema Al-Hamra to ask about the day's screenings. Such a simple scene was fading away and what we're aiming at is to go back in time and make this an illuminated and recurring spectacle that could change something in the life of the people of Tyre, especially the cinema trainees at Tiro Association of Arts who will have the opportunity to watch movies from all around the world and that will no doubt enhance their cinematic abilities.  

Other Ways You Can Help
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Tyre International short film festival was first released in November 2014, hosting 42 short films from more than 18 countries worldwide. The Festival was founded by Istanbouli Theater group in order to mobilize the artistic movement in Tyre/ South Lebanon.

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$25 or more

24 Available

The festival pass allows you to enter all the shows and screenings during the festival if you're a Lebanese resident. If not, the festival will grant the festival pass to a resident from Tyre.
$40 or more

50 Available

High resolution photos of Tyre will be emailed
$75 or more

24 Available

The Festival organizers will rent buses to transport audience and people to the cinema theater from the villages and nearby places.
$150 or more

19 Available

Posters of films screened at Al-Hamra Cinema before its closure 27 years ago and film stills found upon opening the cinema shall be shipped to our generous sponsors.
$500 or more

12 Available

A video clip of our friend Saadalah thanking you while roaming the city of Tyre by his pickup will be sent by email
$2000 or more

2 Available

Live streaming of festival days will be available for 2 persons.
$5000 or more

3 Available

A day will be named after you
$10000 or more

2 Available

Two persons will be able to attend all days of the festival in person with his/her stay in Tyre being fully covered
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