Tilde - The Multifunctional Space

Tilde is a multifunctional space built around the concept of boxes. It can be a library & can easily transform into a workshop/training area
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Campaign successfully funded on: 23 May,2019

This project has been successfully funded with $2,625 (131%)

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Do you often read at home, at a local library, at a cafe around the corner or even when you're on a bus trip?

What if you could share the books you have, or even have access to hundreds of books fellow book lovers have on their shelves...

Do you have a large collection of books that you had to store in boxes for months maybe years?

What if you could unpack those boxes and pack your books into a different kind of boxes.

Imagine a community space where you can share your passion for books.

Welcome to Tilde.

Tilde is built around the concept of boxes, only this time boxes are used not as storage medium but rather as sharing medium. The boxes elegantly bind together in many ways to form stools, bookshelves,  benches, and tables...You are free to come by and drop your books in boxes whether you want to lend, sell or just giveaway. You can even come empty handed and check what others might have left to borrow, buy or giveaway. Tilde is not the traditional library, every time you walk into the space you discover something new, explore someone else's passion for books.

That's not all.

Tilde is not limited to being a library, it has multiple functions and is very dynamic, it can easily transform from a library into a workshop/training space or even an exhibition or storytelling area by moving and reconfiguring boxes.

Tilde is a space to explore your passion... 
YOU can make this happen.

Thank you, Two Architects for the amazing work in designing TILDE

Cost breakdown

Samar khalil
16 May,2019

13 May,2019

Lucien Bourjeily
28 Apr,2019

17 Apr,2019

15 Apr,2019

Hanadi Nasser
13 Apr,2019

12 Apr,2019

Wadih & Elyan
12 Apr,2019

11 Apr,2019

11 Apr,2019

11 Apr,2019

Farah Shaer
11 Apr,2019

  21 Apr,2019

I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions so far. The first milestone will be reached soon. Let us spread the world to make TILDE a reality.

  13 May,2019


Thanks to you lovely people the first milestone was reached.

10 days remain for the crowdfunding campaign to end.

Here's what you can do to help spread the word.

1- If you haven't INVITED your friends and family on facebook yet, this is the perfect time to do so. Please visit TILDE page now and invite and share http://facebook.com/tilde.space/

2- You can share with people you know are passionate about reading and acquiring new skills and might be willing to contribute.

Thank you again for contributing

  23 May,2019

Now that the crowdfunding campaign is over, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed. Special thanks to all who helped in designing TILDE.

Although the crowdfunding campaign only reached its first milestone and not the full target, I will start building TILDE with whatever I am collecting, and share with you the progress.

Please follow TILDE to stay updated.

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I have been always passionate about books since my childhood and most important the stories shared from reading a book. I believe that reading a book is not enough, one should share the knowledge acquired with others. My background is…

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