The Tunis Times: Tunisia's first Internet newspaper!

The Tunis Times is Tunisia's first Internet newspaper, founded by a team of young individuals
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The 2011 Arab spring has brought with it new opportunities for young Arabs, aspiring for democratic change and freedom, to make their countries a better place to live. A group of young individuals have taken the task of creating a newspaper in Tunisia. The Tunis Times is Tunisia's first Internet newspaper. At The Tunis Times, we believe there's an alarming gap between Tunisia and the rest of the world in terms of news coverage and we intend to fill in that gap.

The Tunis Times was founded on 26th of March, 2013 by Amen JLILI. The team have been expanded to welcome more than 22 writers and editors (Nada, Sana, Colin, Mariam and many others you don't know ;) ...)  from Tunisia, Britain and the United States. All students, All volunteers!

We're young but we are determined!

We're now operating a news website around the clock in efforts to cover news about Tunisia and Northern Africa in a wide range of topics.

We've made a tremendous amount of progress so far. Major media outlets are quoting from The Tunis Times as we continue to build a reliable and insightful news site.

RFI, The huffingtonpost, NPR, Examiner and many other sites continue to quote Tunis Times brewed articles. We had privilege of publishing several opinion articles the UN and the British Embassy in Tunis. The Tunis Times is part of the Google news programme.

We enjoy conducting interviews with politicians, economic experts just to make our readers a notch ahead of the others.

The Tunis Times has a present existence in the social media sphere. With a Facebook page of 1.2K and more than a 100 twitter followers, we love interacting with our fans and we're very active socially ;)

Your funding is very important. The money raised for the Tunis Times will pay for our advertisement/SEO campaigns as many other things illustrated as follow:

*$2000 for SEO/Advertisement campaign (With the help of an American SEO firm) + hosting servers:

This will help us gain higher readership and ranking better in the search engines

*$1500 will be spent on incorporating The Tunis Times (Legal procedures, office rental)

*$1500 will be spent on filming equipment and office appliances.

By funding The Tunis Times, you contribute to the establishment of a new media outlet in Tunisia. A new face in the ever-growing industry where unbiased, relevant and confirmed reporting is often rare.

It's not always about the money. If you can't donate, perhaps you know someone who will. Share us on your Facebook, Twitter and spread the word!

If you do have other ways of helping us, please feel free to do so.We're putting a phone line to respond to your inquiries.

00 (216) 21 842 724

You can also contact by e-mail: or through the social network:

The Tunis Times 

Contact page:



JohnHayden says: I think its amazing that only a few years ago they could have put you behind the sun for this project. Anyway, I just read the op ed by Susannah Knights about the Bourguiba School Strike - this kind of local viewpoint is important to broadcast back to North America and I thank you for making the situation known. I think the opinion pages of your paper are crucial - as is the breaking news section. I'll be looking for pieces by student leaders, activists and workers to convey an authentic picture of life and politics in Tunis.
22 Oct,2013 at 06:01 am

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A Tunisian young entrepreneur, blogger, computer science nerd and mechanical engineer and also a student from ENSIT in Tunis. Amen is the founder of The Tunis Times.

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