The Other: Support refugee kids get access to education in Lebanon

Every child has a right to education, help us get more children off the streets and into classrooms.
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At least a quarter of the Lebanese population is made up of Syrian refugees (1 million people). Many of the refugees live in camps, or on the streets, far away from their homes.  


My project is focused on removing at least 14 children from the streets and placing them in classrooms for a preparatory year. The year’s payments include: tuition, books, nutritional support as well as transportation. This preparatory year will place children in their required level and costs roughly about 350$. A partnership was made with an NGO called Defense for Children International, that will take care of implementing this project.

I am a Swiss-Lebanese composer/filmmaker based in Switzerland. After shooting and finishing the edits of my new composition/project "The other", "L'autre." I decided to try and raise money in order to help the children that were featured in my video and convince them (with approval of their parents) to go back to school. 

Click here to watch the video


The raised money will go directly in a fund within the NGO dedicated to this project. I intend to fly back to Beirut in spring, find back the children that I filmed and convince them to go back to school. If I am unable to reach them I will find other children that need help.

Please note that I will personally pay for my flights and accommodations once there. The money raised in this project will be 100% dedicated to the children – nothing else.


Education is the fundamental building block for any child, and not just any education but quality education. It is the most influential tool to make the world a better place. Every child on this planet, no matter where they are from or where they live, must have access to education. This is your chance to help us out and secure the future of these children.


1. Who are you?

Joe Hoster, composer and film director. Also, I work as Senior Coordinator at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne /Switzerland (Hospitality School). 


2. What is your relationship with the NGO to which the money will be granted?

I am an independent volunteer, aiming to raise funds for Syrian refugees children that live on the streets in Beirut. I have travelled to Beirut twice in the last 6 months and met with the country director of the NGO Defense for Children International / Connect Children Now. Their cause really touched me and I wanted to try and help in anyway that I could.

See below for the director contact information of the Non-Profit Organization:

Mrs. Manal Eid


3. How will the money be spent? 

The children will be given access to preparatory year which will help in placing them at the correct schooling level. The payments for this year will include: tuition, books, nutritional support as well as transportation.

The NGO’s concept:

The NGO throughout the year adheres to a program that tests the child’s level, and builds up their confidence through the “Incredible Me” program. The program includes psychosocial support based on movement and art therapy. It is composed of a set of structured creative physical and mental activities (yoga and dance), mindfulness, visualization and songs that have the power to fuel positive feelings of unity and strength, while loosening muscles and reducing anxiety. It is a wonderful program that allows the children to explore their emotions, realize their personal limitations, and build resilience. The package is divided into 6 modules:

I am Incredible

I am lovable

I am Grateful

I am Brave

I am Open

I Can Do it


4. How can we track the progress?

The funds will be sent to the foundation directly and I will personally monitor the account dedicated to this project. In order to keep you up-to-date, reports will be published on my website regularly.

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$10 or more

67 Available

You'll receive a progress report of the child schooling and a free download of my new composition ("L'autre").
$50 or more

95 Available

You invest at least 50$. You will receive: A signed photograph of one of the child who has been successfully placed into that preparatory year, upon consent of their parents. You'll also receive a free download of my new composition ("L'autre") as well as a pdf copy of the piano score.
$350 or more

1 Available

You invest a total amount of 350$ - equivalent to 1 year of preparatory class. You will receive: a signed photograph of the child including a written message from him/her and/or a personal thank you video (upon consent of the parents). You'll also receive a free download of my new composition ("L'autre") as well as a pdf copy of the piano score + personal message.
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