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The Olive Grove provides a space & mentorship to empower creatives & entrepreneurs, and encourage economic growth and stabilty in the region
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The Olive Grove (TOG), a coworking space in the heart of Beirut, offers hot desk and private office memberships to young entrepreneurs in Lebanon who are looking either to launch their startups and small business, or house their already established startup. The Olive Grove joins the ever-growing startup ecosystem in Lebanon in hopes to provide opportunity and catalyze change in the Middle Eastern region.

Why We Need You:

TOG is in it's final stages of renovations. We've already 4/5 of the way there, so you get to support the exciting parts of the renovation. Your donations will go toward lighting, desks, chairs, the cafe, paint, windows and the tech. 

TOG is focused on community, and we'd love to have you be part of our community by supporting our early stages.

We have our first event (Beirut Design Week) May 24th, so we want the place looking good and ready for you! 


We want TOG to be a life-giving space where people can walk in and feel encouraged, empowered, and supported by the staff, fellow members, and mentors. 

Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the Middle East holds great potential for growth, developmenet and stability in the region. We have the opportunity to come alongside young Lebanese entrepreneurs who want to shape their communities and country by defying the status quo, overcoming obstacles  and striving toward a more innovative future. 

The entrepreneurs, engineers, designers - they're the future of Lebanon, and we want to support them. 


Lebanon experiences the unfortunate phenomenon of brain drain due to the socio-economic and political instability, stunting the country's development. 

Entrepreneurs, at heart, are always looking for solutions. And in an area that is flooded with problems, there are boundless opportunities for growth and innovation. TOG will tap into local talents and give them the needed mentorship and space. 

Building Community:

The Olive Grove aims to empower people to pursue their dreams by providing the space and mentorship, and we want to do it all in a community setting.

The beauty of a co-working space is that everyone is working on something different, with the common goal to make the best of what is set before them. TOG is located a block away from American University of Beirut, setting itself in a prime location for developers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. to gather, collaborate, and inspire one another. 

Why Give:

If you live in Lebanon, we'd love for you to become a member and enjoy the space! If you're not in Beirut, you might be asking why you should give if you don't get to directly benefit from the space... Here's why:

If you're an entrepreneur, a creative, a starter of any kind, you understand the importance of space, opportunity, and mentorship. In Lebanon (and the Middle East in general), those things are hard to find. Lebanese face many obstacles to build a career in their country. For one, Lebanon has welcomed more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees, which has heavily affected cost of living, the unemployment rate, and the political climate. Let's give back to Lebanon by giving them the space and opportunity to pursue their dreams. 

Not only that, many startups are addressing the socio-economic and political problems in the region. How cool would it be if you could get behind projects that are addressing the refugee crisis, the water & electricity shortages, and the political problems in the region? We'd love for you to be a part of this exciting movement. 

Why Beirut? (watch video)


A shout out to INDEVCO Group, North Star Commercial Partners, and the individual donors for supporting The Olive Grove. Thank you!

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24 May,2017

Corbin Sallis
14 May,2017

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12 May,2017

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11 May,2017

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10 May,2017

Georges Bassous
10 May,2017

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09 May,2017

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08 May,2017

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07 May,2017

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05 May,2017

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03 May,2017

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02 May,2017

Georges Bassous
02 May,2017

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02 May,2017

Georges Bassous
01 May,2017

30 Apr,2017

Roger Mitchell
29 Apr,2017

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28 Apr,2017

jonathan medearis
28 Apr,2017

Carl and Chris
28 Apr,2017

  02 May,2017

We're 75% of the way to our first milestone of $7000. Let's reach that this week! Next step in the renovation process is to add windows. Help us do that by giving to the project or sharing the link with friends. Thanks for your support!

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