It is about a large musical room which doesn't exist in Jordan,for rock Jordanian musicians
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Short Summary 
I am a musician guy. I play rock music. I usually get some rooms which are built completely, but I asked myself why I do not utilise the rooms by getting support of Jordanian bands generally and rock and metal bands specifically, who have not got any kind of artistic support. Moreover, people are exploiting them. In my place I am going to get rid of all those sorts of exploitation either they were materialistic or abstract that is will happen by building the best room in order to feel relaxed. Here are the details; These rooms contain instruments, speakers and special equipment for musicians. Musicians come to these rooms to get trained or for amusement and preparing for their own songs. This kind of rooms is not a normal room; it is equipped for musical work which needs internal and external sound insulation in order to the band members able to hear each other during playing and they will use the instruments provided by us. Just to inform you there are musical rooms for those bands but they are either not well-equipped, small or they are expensive. However, we are going to break all these rules and build a large room equipped by mixers, a big team which works for you and there are unexpected fees.

PS: It is a room for practicing NOT for recording (studio).

This picture illustrates an example of musical training rooms. PS. This is smaller than the room which we are going to build.

There are a lot of Jordanian bands who face the problem of a place where they train in. All are asking what is this place ? This place is a big musical room equipped at the highest level that any other rooms which are not found in jordan. This place is also specialized for rock and metal bands who have not received any form of complete local musical support.

What does this room contain and what are its features ? 

This room contains guitars speakers', microphones' speakers drums, a mixer, and other instruments all of them are at a high quality, as we are going to deal with shops that sell the best of these instruments, such as line 6, Marshall amps, ORANGE amps, Fender and Yamaha.

The most important features at this room:

1. You can finally find a comfortable large place for moving will feel as if it is your own place. 

3.The rental will be low in comparison with other rooms. 

4.You can record your own played music in a high quality during co-playing.

 We will give you all the means of comfortability as you can find a place to get a rest outside the musical training room. This room is also distinguished that other rooms that is big and non-pricey. The rooms' surface: Length: 10 meters Width : 6 meters Height : 3 meters

What We Need & What We Get

 We have a small amount of the required money which is 1400$ which equals 1000 JOD. We are going to illustrate this in details with the pictures below. 

This room needs to be completed as we have mentioned before. 

It needs painting, cement, concrete, floor tiles, stone carrier, in addition to workers salaries. 

We have got all the mentioned things and these pictures show that.

This picture before the cleaning

The Impact 
 I have a musical room and I feel with every person who has a rock band and is not able to find a suitable place for training. In fact, you do not know how much this project will change and affect those bands positively. In Jordan there are about 100 bands who cannot find the convenient place, and so do my band and I. Therefore, I am asking for your help to build this room even it it was only one Dollar, in order to help hundreds of local bands and give them the opportunity to present their talents. 

Other Ways You Can Help 
I would like to thank every person who wants to donate for the success of this great project ,although s/he cannot Also I would like to thank you for your abstract support. You can donate by share the link of the project on social media or if you send the link to companies which can finance this project. Thanks in advance.

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