Campaign Sheltering 100 homeless

This campaign to get a small funding to house 100 homeless
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 03 Jun,2016

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Hello all in our campaign to house 100 homeless people without health care

Without food, drink healthy without Haaola are the most vulnerable and exploited by gangs who are trafficking in human beings as it is educational care there is a risk that they become criminals, are also due to displacement and lack of attention to their

And after all, what we hear and see with our own eyes in Lebanon in particular and the world in general we have decided to be a volunteer team of 15 to 25 young man and a young woman to work on the prosecution and their attention and a thorough medical checkups for all displaced and then placed in the care centers of their own provide them with a decent life far from safe beyond the reach of gangs are exploiting fully the roads

- And because of our inability alone to do the work we decided to launch our campaign to protect 100 tramp and insurance on their lives as mentioned above.

The amount and the objective to be accessible chasm $ 75,000 Seventy-five thousand dollars Within 60 days is divided into the following:

- $ 500 of which believe in comprehensive medical examinations with X-rays and all necessary insurance with medications.

- To $200 from which candied believe everyone of them.

- $ 50 provide them with transportation to and from hospitals and the delivery of each individual on his or her care center.
- - - - - - - - - - 
* - - - - Important Note supporters - - - in case it is not reaching the goal of the campaign is full return all donations made directly
- - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We thank all those who helped and supported our campaign was physically morally or even deploy anywhere in the campaign to ensure it reaches the largest number of viewers and securing the amount of the campaign.

That your contributions are very important to them and to help them

- - - - - Together we will continue the campaign - - - - -

Thanks to all of you with great appreciation and respect.

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Beirut, Lebanon
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Name : kahwaji Group Age : 26 years Education: Commercial Sciences and Business Administration Interests : 1 - volunteer work and charity in the first place, as I have already worked with the associations they belong to the United Nations…

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$5 or more

5000 Available

Collective video from 100 tramp Saadtamohm and gave them a helping hand and you are basically in this important shift in their lives all
$20 or more

1500 Available

The child from the hospital wanted to personally thank you, what you give him medical help
$25 or more

1000 Available

Video kid gave him and took him from the streets wants to thanks you from patronizing our Help Center
$250 or more

100 Available

Video comprehensive campaign
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