A destination for receiving Palestine visitors and their residence and arranging tours in the down towns of the cities an language exchange
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who are we?

We are a comfort-zone where the lovers of Palestine can stay, learn and hear about Arabian traditional and culture especially Palestine as a holy land and an exhausted occupied country and live it for small fees

How it works?

We will reach the visitors and lovers of Palestine through our deep relation and experience in this field and via our website and other social media networks and welcoming them at their second home and the first in Palestine to get a rest and hear the stories about Palestine and live it so on and we will offer them an organized tours in through the cities of Palestinian historical land in addition to arrange meetings with local citizens to exchange the cultures, experiences and languages.

What we need and for what?

We need a total amount of money approaches to 20,000$ to rent a place in the historical holy Bethlehem fits to our target and our guests expectations.

And to furnish it with all required furniture and equipment such as beds and their covers and blankets, couches, library furnished with useful books, magazines, and the maps of the cities, also to furnish and equip a class room for teaching languages.

What are the adding values to the community?

  • Direct contact cultural exchange
  • To practice the languages and learn new
  • To increase the knowledge of Palestine history and enclose the Perspectives

And we offer the below rewards:

  • Free 3-days of residence 20$/day
  • Free tour in cities of Hebron and Bethlehem 70 $/person
  • Evening meetings with locals and eating traditional food 40$/person

  • bellow pictures for some of our friends who have visited Palestine

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Bethlehem (Beit Lahm), Palestine
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Yousef M. Sabarneh Hebron-Palestine I have done my study from the translation and languages school, English language department besides the Spanish, German and French languages of sixth October university, Egypt. I have started my work in 2014 as a volunteer…

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$20 or more

199 Available

free residence for 3 days and you are welcome to enjoy all services we provide inside our hostel
$40 or more

199 Available

an evening meeting will be arranged with the local Palestinians to exchange conversation and history and knowledge about local circumstances for Palestinians
$70 or more

119 Available

free residence for 3 days and you are welcome to enjoy all services we provide inside our hostel
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