We found a solution for the problem facing seniors at night driving.After some research we created glasses that will solve this problem .
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The main goal of this project is to find a solution for a problem facing seniors while night driving. As people age their eye muscles become tired and no sufficient light enters the eye.We did some research and found out that  tapetum lucidum is a biologic reflector system that is a common feature in the eyes of vertebrates that makes cats see at night,by further research we found out that retro reflectors work in the same way.So we created an eye glasses that includes a certain mechanism between retro reflectors and other types of glass that will lead to increasing the amount if light.We did some experiments and they validated our idea.We found out the only company that can manufacture our product is Schneider in Germay.So thats why we are asking for a relatively huge amount of money.You could really help us in many ways not only by funding but by spreading the news to friends,family,co-workers and if available companies.

27 Feb,2017

06 Feb,2017

06 Feb,2017

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Beirut, Lebanon
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I am an 19 year old Lebanese student studying business i participated in the First lego leaugue 2012-2013 senior solutions and won 1st place project in the Lebanese competition and the Arab one and Got full Grades for the Project…

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