TechnoFusion Team Competing in Bath, UK

As the finalist in the national competition, TechnoFusion Team needs support to achieve its mission & win the internat'l contest in Bath, Uk
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        Techno-fusion Team - Al Bayan High School is a team that has been participating in FLL Competition for 7 consecutive years. FLL competition has three main sections; Robot Design and Programming, Project (Problem & Solution Finding) Section, and Core Values Section. This year, Techno Fusion won the runner up award in the national Lebanese Competition and will represent Lebanon in the Open International Championship in UK, Britain on 19-25th June 2017.

        TechnoFusion Mission is to be a leading team and club in the domain of Robotics in Lebanon and the Arabic World. Our vision is to launch a local institution of which graduates will be pioneers in the field of robotics.

         In order to achieve this, the team needs to prove itself in the National and International competitions. Thus, our ability to travel and participate in this competition is a crucial milestone to accomplish this mission.

         By working together, the team could raise 9,000$ out of 14,000$ needed to be able to participate in the international competition in Britain. Thus, $5,000 are left.

         If we reached our target of 5,000$, we will be able to travel with the main members of the team. Any surplus will be added to supply the club with appropriate equipment and preparations.

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TechnoFusion Team is a robotics team that participates in First Lego League Competition every year. This is our seventh year.Throughout those years, we were able to win several awards on the national and international level including champions first runner up…

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$10 or more

99 Available

A Thank You Letter will be created and signed by all team members and sent to the supporter
$50 or more

50 Available

In addition to a special thank you Letter, a souvenir from Britain will be sent to the supporter.
$100 or more

25 Available

In addition to a special thank you letter and a souvenir, a special picture will be shot to the supporter with the whole team thanking him/her.
$250 or more

10 Available

In addition a thank you letter and a souvenir, the team will shoot a short video thanking the supporter for his/her support
$500 or more

5 Available

In addition the the thank you letter and video sent, the team will design a special Lego Artwork for the supporter in our lab.
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