TFL: Eliminating Educational Inequality

Support an intense training that will transform the lives of 1000s of students around Lebanon!
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Short Summary of our Mission

We are a group of activists who believe that every child has the right to have access to quality education. We aim to close the educational gap in unprivileged schools by inspiring children to complete their educational journeys, rather than allowing their socio-economic backgrounds to determine their destinies. Teach for Lebanon is an independent member of an NGO network called Teach For All. TFL is a two year experience for fresh, ambitious, graduates with leadership qualities who are aware of Lebanon’s educational imbalance. In far rural regions in Lebanon, old traditional teaching is still a major issue, and students don’t acquire the proper resources and exposure as those who live in more advantaged areas.  Students lack the motivation to continue their education and thus drop out due to their conception of limited opportunities. TFL offers devoted graduates the chance to become agents of action by tackling one of Lebanon’s most drastic challenges. These teachers AKA “fellows”, not only foster youth leadership but also promote civic engagement who are inclined to make a commitment to their students and to the community, where they are placed. Children of Lebanon are in need of enthusiastic teachers to guarantee quality education, of which thousands of students are deprived of. Teach For Lebanon brings all its newly recruited Fellows of fresh university graduates to work together for a six- week, full-time training institute. The Institute is an opportunity where the Fellows begin to develop the foundational tools needed to be excellent teachers and leaders, as well as provide the utmost quality of education for the children. 

Teach For Lebanon Summer Institute 2013 short description:

The coming Summer Institute will benefit 20 new Fellows that will be placed to teach and conduct extra-curricular activities in underprivileged schools across Lebanon, for the academic years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. Therefore, the program will be impacting the lives of more than 2,800 students. The Summer Institute gives Fellows the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with others in the program; thus, taking advantage of their diverse academic and professional backgrounds while emphasizing a unified commitment to ending educational inequality. The Summer Institute focuses on developing Fellows' theoretical understanding of the frameworks of teaching and specific instructional techniques needed to teach all subject areas at all levels. In addition, Fellows receive concentrated instructional guidance from experienced practitioners and professors.

Leaning equations: 4 + 1 = 5

                 1st graders forming an equation ( 4 + 1 = 5)


In order for the Summer Institute to be of great value and impact , the training requires 6 weeks of full time devotion. We are in need of $15,000 that will cover 50% of our Summer Institute fee.

20 Fellows, the Alumni and all Staff members are provided with dormitories during the whole time of stay, as well as provided transportation from the dorms to the Summer School.

Many subjects and topics are covered in order for the fellows to implement extracurricular activities, community projects, employable skills and teaching methodologies and techniques for various subjects. Several of professional instructors and practitioners, from various backgrounds and expertise, are hired throughout the training for mentoring and fulfilling the theoretical part of the training. Some topics to be covered for example are:


  • Classroom management

  • Assessment and evaluation of student learning

  • IT and visual aids in classrooms

  • Lesson planning

  • Curriculum design 

  • Project development and management

  • Child psychology

  • Learning disorders

  • Ethics

  • Teaching English/ French as a second language

  • Group dynamics

  • Leadership

  • Intercultural learning

  • Games for inclusion

  • Team work and group dynamics

  • Active citizenship and active participation

  • Proposal writing

  • The Lebanese curriculum


    And many more of mandatory sessions and practices for the fellows to be fully equipped with, before they are set off to promote change and impact the lives of their students and communities.

Expenses are also needed sequentially to rent halls, to hold all these practices, over the whole 6 weeks.

Everyday expenditures also consist of endowing them with academic appliances such as internet, projectors, tool-kits, flip charts….etc to make the training most effective.

At the end of the Summer Institute there is a matriculation day, which is a graduation ceremony for the new leaders to celebrate their success and honor them before they are set off to execute our mission.


Teach for Lebanon’s Fellows have touched their students lives in so many ways, not just academically. Not only have we become successful educators, but also have become mentors and role-models for thousands of students in Lebanon. Students, parents, siblings and principals have all been inspired with what the fellows offer, that they ask for the fellow to stay more than the 2 granted years.  Fellows see the hope in their student’s eyes, which they didn't once acquire, and continuously sense their students’ feelings of security and confidence that they formally lacked. All the fellows have so many successful stories which have brightened and strengthened their own lives in many ways. They have become aware of so many obstacles out there, and have guided themselves in reconciling them in the most productive ways. This experience is of mutual importance, where fellows are becoming independent leaders, hence creating little soldiers who are eager to learn more. Lebanon is finally receiving the love, care, respect and civil liberties that many have been deprived of. The summer training is obligatory in order to ensure that the fellows acquire the needed skills and techniques to carry out the mission with great professionalism.

     Other Ways You Can Help

You can help support us by any or all of the following ways:

  • Share our story on Facebook to expand our community

  • Become an ambassador and spread the word to make more people aware of us and our mission

  • Add TFL to your company matching program

  • Organize a local fundraiser.

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I am honored to have been accepted into the Teach For Lebanon fellowship, for it is an extraordinary experience that has made grow in countless ways. Not only have I become aware of the great gap found within the educational…

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You are a believer since you believe in our mission. We would have the privilege to thank you with a personal phone call to show our great appreciation. The phone call you will receive will be from a staff member or one of the fellows who will personally call you to meet your acquaintance and thank you for your support.
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If you are a TFLer then you are someone that the TFL family would want to personally thank, and remind you forever that your contribution is of great value. Along with the personal thank you call, you will receive a set of TFL post cards with personal notes from team and fellows, for us to express your meaning to us!
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For this type of donation you will become a member on our Wall of fame. Your name will be mentioned on our thank you page, on our website. You also will receive a photo of one of our students thanking you in person. Each photo will be unique and specifically dedicated to you in addition to all above.
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200 Available

Ever felt like you wanted to be famous? Heres your chance, you star! One of our fellows will have a video taped in his/her classroom where students will be sending out a special message to you. Get ready for a lot of attention, and certainly dont forget all the rewards above ,too ;)
$500 or more

200 Available

The Great is a title given to those who are of great appreciation to us. Your name will also be mentioned on our thank you page, and in addition to the personal phone call and the special set of post cards with personal notes, you also will be receiving a special made craft, created by some students in class, just for you!
$750 or more

25 Available

Yes you, you are without doubt of great value to us, and yes its time to PARTY!!! For that reason, we will be honored to have you attend our matriculation ceremony by the end of the summer institute. We all be there celebrating our success and honoring you for your belief and support. Come hungry, there will a wide range of scrumptious delicacies +all above!!
$1000 or more

25 Available

You are a massive entrepreneur! People like you mean so much to us because it’s your belief and support that adds to our hope of continuity and mission fulfillment. Since you are of great importance, it will be of great pleasure to have you spend a day with one of our fellows at school. You will be able to be exposed to a fellow’s life for our day, and become overwhelmed with the inspiring experience. In addition, to everything above, you will be invited for a traditional Lebanese lunch, with the fellow and principal, at the village 
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