This will allow us to add new 40 students to our school for Syrian refugees in Jordan
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Malaysian Arabian Cultural Society and Teach for the Needs Organization started the school for Syrian refugee children in July 2014 in a small apartment in Irbid, Jordan with 41 students.

Last June the school reached maximum capacity of 80 students and has not been able to accept new students since then. We have now started to expand the school to allow us to add 40 new students.We rented a new place and need your support to prepare it and provide the necessary furniture and supplies.

We believe that one of the sites of building the future of Syria starts here, with the Syrian children growing up in refuge. Our goal is to help them overcome the educational challenges of being a refugee and inspire them with the help of a diverse group of passionate volunteers from 13 nationalities.

You can help by donating money, time or even just spreading news about this initiative to your network.

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Irbid, Jordan
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Malaysian student at Al Yarmouk University, Jordan. I'm also the Branch Manager for the humanitarian organisation Teach For The Needs. In collaboration with Malaysian Arabian Cultural Society, we established a school for Syrian kids in Irbid, Jordan.

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