Presentation of training and educational solutions to help people, particularly women to succed
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Winart is a group that allow each individual to benefit from dealing with the establishment. The project is a training establishment to develop individuals and present solutions. 

What is needed and what is gained

There is a need to organise a base for the establishment, as an office with equipment etcc to welcome people then present the establishment’s philosophy to give familial /practical/psychological consultations

Reality and Affect

We all need training and consultations despite our backgrounds as workers, businessmen, mothers, fathers, unemployed, housewives. We all need training and consultation from experts to be successful in life and work. That is where the idea of the establishment come from.

As we notice in our field, the main beneficiaries from the work we do are women who aim to empower their lives on familial and profession level. So we will concentrate on women’s’ needs. Women are important in society and we believe in that.

With your help, we will help many women each year to move forward and in life. For instance, we might assist a woman who wants to enter the business sector. Or if a businesswoman wants to empower herself in her career, we provide that. Or maybe a house wife faces difficulties in her marriage or even a mother. Overall we value contributions and reward those who make them. We will empower people.

Other Ways to help

You can request training courses and consulting for your company and help us, you will benefit from the best services in the market and the least expensive with trained experts in Their fields

If financial help is not available, perhaps you can assist us to advertise the link for our establishment on your website. 

The future prospects

n the future we are seeking to expand the areas of functioning to include training flights and Web services, as well as special services to deliver meals to employees in the headquarters of their work and the children in their schools

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