youth special exchange shows the real life of each jordanian and westren youth against terresom
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I Raed Alkhawaldeh . I am Jordanian and a caring father of my family. We live at Dana Village in Tafelah District, south of Jordan. Visitors refer to Dana as "God's heaven on Earth".
Being a member of the local people, I've had the chance to live with western people and explore their life and culture and this is a good experience.
Since the last three months I was thinking about what is the real reason(s) behind the huge gap between Arab ( Muslim ) and western, namely, why they hate each other.
Finally I reached to the following result :
- Our children have never really experienced western life, as I did, neither western people have really experienced our's.
- As our children grow up, they take and receive other perspectives which could be completely wrong, compared to real perspectives (that is, from parents, teachers, Media, etc... ) which also applies to western children, not having the right perspective. 
- In my understanding, all previous tools are promoting the idea that we, parents and children, should hate one another and this is not good, don't you agree? 
- Most of exchange programs or visits are concentrating to be real visits so we can, as Jordanians and visitors from abroad, consolidate on how to respect one another and bring our different cultures to a mutual understanding on the so many amazing similarities because we need to show our children how we can live with one another in harmony and compatibility. Don't you?

Having said that, I'd like to take the initiative in formalizing the following:
- We need to make campaigns work with and through; parents, teachers, and any effective Media .The purpose of campaigns will raise the awareness regarding how we should respect and appreciate one another in terms of that whether Christians , Jews, or Muslims, we are people of good faith.
- We need to start from the small community and local people were they live away from main cities. These villages are receiving less attention from being involved in such purposefully-oriented programs as in the main cities.
- We will then announce for registration to this initiative which is called TABADUL ( exchange ) in both Jordan and any western country S&N America or Europe or Far east, interested in the initiative to reach for one another and make it happen.

TABADUL is different from other exchange programs because: 
- Its target is about children of different ages, not only above18 years. 
- Families are strongly encouraged to exchange with Jordanian Families. 
- Also, chosen students or children will live with chosen families as a member of that family during the Tabadul program and period which could be a week , month or even a year.
- During Tabadul we will be concentrating on the type of life-style including all challenges .
I am starting this in the hope that we can help each other in organizing this initiative to come to the real world to guarantee a peaceful future for humanity, for us as parents and our children, and pray that it will be global initiative, not only for Jordan, but to be all over the world. Best wishes to you and your families

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