Ta7awwaj .. YOUR ONLINE MARKET : A Website & App that makes your shopping easier from the Palestinian market + delivery service .
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Over the past decade, the technological advancements and evolution of the internet have both had a direct impact on e-commerce. Just as the internet has become the main source for information, marketing, and advertising; e-commerce has grown to become the main competitor of traditional shopping in many different ways.

Spearheaded by tech giants like Amazon, who joined the internet in 1994, followed by e-bay in 1995 and and in 1998 and 1999 respectively, the journey of online shopping is far from over and is constantly accelerating.

However, when taking a closer look at the most significant changes that have taken place in e-commerce in the past 10 years, we found:

> The upsurge of online marketplaces around the world.
> The seamless shift to using mobile shopping, which according to IBM is “accounting for 57% of all online shopping traffic in the US”.
> The tremendous growth of digital marketing.

The Palestinian market is currently in need of a one-stop-shop that offers consumers a great selection of products with the highest standards of quality and consumer service.

With this came the idea of “Ta7awwaj تحوّج”, which means “shopping” in Arabic. Ta7awwaj is a Palestinian online shopping startup company located in the city of Hebron. Online shopping is a form of e-commerce which will allow consumers to directly buy products from Ta7awwaj’s application using a range of medians including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. In order to use the website application, customers must have access to the internet. The idea behind the website is to connect consumers with sellers through an online platform which enables shoppers to use "search" features to find specific local stores, brands or items. Once the product(s) is chosen by the customer, they are given ‘method of payment’ options which could be through a credit card, cash card or cash upon delivery in order to complete the transaction. The company has also developed an efficient distribution system which allow consumer purchased products to be delivered to their home. On the other hand, local retailers around the country have the option of joining the e-shopping world by using one of Ta7awwaj’s three service packages.

Ta7awwaj has three ambitious and reachable keys to success. The first is the development of a user friendly mobile application. This excellent software will work as Ta7awwaj’s main component that ensures a seamless management of all of their business activities. The second key of success is working on the development of strategic relationships with the best local retailers, courier delivery service providers, and payment companies. The more strategically formed relationships with retailers will allow Ta7awwaj to quickly grow their customer base of retailers served. The third key to success is for Ta7awwaj to design and maintain a user friendly website that offers easy and trouble free shopping for consumers.

Mission statement:

Enabling local retailers to market and sell their products in a comprehensive online market via an easy to use e-commerce platform to give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.

Vision statement:

Become the leading Palestinian e-commerce destination where people trust and rely on us to find whatever they are looking to buy at the best possible price.

Team :

Diaa Azzam Ihraiz , Owner and Manager (CEO)

Diaa is a computer science specialist. He worked in the field of information security, and computer maintenance. He studied computer system. In addition, Diaa has taken photography and marketing courses which allows him to reflect and share his experience with the marketing department.

Ahmad Aziz Abu Aisheh, Business developer 

Ahmad studied computer science and web development. Ahmad has a good experience in the field of information security, computer maintenance, and extension network, which will be developing and growing the business.

In addition, Ahmad has good knowledge in the field of trade which provides him with good insight on the market needs, and a better understanding of customer needs so he can integrate it on the application to meet customer’s satisfaction.

Tareq Sameer Jabari, Marketing and Sales 

Tareq has solid experience in marketing and he is capable of designing effective promotional plans. His rich experience in advertising can greatly help in reaching and targeting new customers and build strategic communication with partners.

Start-up Expenses : 

* You can visit our website ( ), which is under construction.

** There is a full feasibility study of the project in all its details!

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