T7wwaj .. Choose what you need, to get it ! A Website & App that makes your shopping easier from the Palestinian market + delivery service .
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T7wwaj E-Shop including a website and a mobile application composed of two accounts; one for the customer use and one for shopkeeper or seller use, where the customer account enables browse, search, find store, determine required items, compare prices and select payment method, and each seller will be having a special account in order to enable him add, modify and price goods, in addition; admin account will also be built in order to receive online orders, analyze demands, and sending the order for delivery of items.

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Ramallah, Palestine
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Personal Profile** Name: Diaa Azzam Ihraiz Address: Hebron - Palestine Nationality: Palestinian Date of birth: 28/1/1995 Social state: Married Mobile number: 0597367346 E-mail address: Facebook page: FB.Com/Diaa.A.Ihraiz Education**  2011 - 2012: High School, Computer Maintenance, Hebron Industrial Secondary School…

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