The objective of this project is to make a fully equipped center for the purpose of providing a permanent job to help them to pay debts and
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 12 Jul,2017

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This campaign is aimed at a large community goal, which is to rehabilitate gammas and provide them with permanent job opportunities ...
The objective of this project is to create a fully equipped center to provide a permanent job to help them repay debts and train them to develop their marketing, selling and communication skills in a scientific and professional manner that enables them to be required in the labor market so that they can lead a dignified life. Poverty, unemployment and accumulated debt
Instead of being imprisoned, we decided to provide them with a place where they had a job that would enable them to pay off their own debt and live a stable life and professionalism.
The profits of this project go to repay the debts of the Garmin and the Garmat and their rehabilitation and training

With your support of this project, you contribute with us to providing a place capable of helping to get these people out of a life that is threatened by a secure and stable life that enables them to be effective and in addition to the society in Egypt and the Arab world.

Definition of gharams:
They are imprisoned inside the prison walls because of their inability to pay a certain amount of money they deserve according to the link of his trust or his money or a contract and failed to pay according to the specified date.
Most of them are mothers or women who have entered the prison cells because of the price of a refrigerator or furniture necessary to marry her son or daughter, so she was forced to pay her prison sentence ... Is not it right for her to marry her son and daughter wisely and ruthlessly, as the rich marry their children with high expenses and waste money? .
Garmat is the responsibility of the entire community ....

The place needs to be equipped with computers (30 devices at least), telephones, air conditioning and cool center, seats, offices and the like to equip the place

Projector, projector for training, rehabilitation and headphones

If you can not contribute materially to the project, talk about it ... Help us spread the idea! Help to take care of community development and development. He helped bring the idea to the ground. Talk to your friends, talk to those who can support material and moral, our other project participated on the social networking sites to support the garmets in Egypt

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