Support and education of street children

Educate 10 street children and provide accommodation for them and turn them into creators
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I am Karim Ahmed Mohamed Omar.

- Born in Cairo in 1982.

- I had previous skills in public and social work.

- One of my most important priorities is the interest of children and the education file in full.

- The project I present to you today is not working on my own, but works on the team that I founded for this very important social file, which is a major shift in the success of civil society if successful implementation of the project.

- Team Name

Team "Hayat"

- Team members

Amr Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Heba Samir Mohamed Anwar is a social worker

Mudi Ahmed Abdel Azim his lawyer

Islam Sayed Hassan Al - Azab Programmer

Other people are informed about the general work of joining the team

= A brief description of the campaign

 The phenomenon of street children in Egypt is one of the issues that the whole world has endured, which has long been plagued by various governments. However, the Egyptian state is witnessing a dangerous rise in this phenomenon year after year. With successive Egyptian governments and their promises to solve this dilemma, no one has seen any implementation of these promises. , The phenomenon of street children remains a stigma in the history of these governments.

This phenomenon poses a great danger to many countries because it has a direct impact on social, economic and security life. Therefore, we worked hard to reach the most important reasons that lead to this phenomenon; identifying and diagnosing the cause leads to finding and discovering the solution and treatment.

Causes of Phenomenon

1_ divorce: a major cause of this phenomenon

There are many reasons for the displacement of these children, where divorce is a major cause of the spread of this problem, especially the divorce of poor families.

2. Poverty: Poverty causes the family to be unable to care for its children and to cover their basic needs of food, drink, clothing and treatment. The child can not find the street, and sometimes the father expels his son to the street against his will.

Family problems: Children are sensitive to their nature and every tension occurs inside the house negatively affect the child's psyche and find the street a safe haven.

Drop-out: All street children are children who have not completed their education as their free time becomes longer and so they join the displacement convoy.


That the consequences of this phenomenon are serious consequences and have a significant impact on society as a whole, especially this segment, which is supposed to represent future generations

Addiction: The exit of a child at the age of ten, for example, to the street will inevitably lead to addiction, it will not survive therefore the addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, despite his young age

Illnesses: The situation of these individuals everywhere forced them to the pits in the streets where they are subjected to all the climatic fluctuations of severe cold or free or severe wind storm resulting in different diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer ........ and so on

Objects: This child may be deprived of education, food, clothing and so the child learns theft and cut the road by passing by different means

Begging: it is also another means of livelihood for them, we find them in traffic lights, parking and near restaurants

Physical exploitation: This is a very dangerous aspect where some mafia are exploiting children by running them cheaply.

Terrorism: Terrorist organizations exploit them to become suicide bombers capable of shedding indiscriminate blood. This is one of the most important problems.

Human organ trade: The opportunity is exploited by organizations that trade in human beings and polarize these children to kill them and sell their organs.

Solution: If we talk about a radical solution, it will not work, but in the Hayat team, we decided to work on a sample of 10 children to rehabilitate, educate, provide housing and equip them to fight life.

As these children feel a sense of constant fear and insecurity, every child should be given full safety and food, and then be attracted to the night, exercise hobbies and various activities, and then begin to educate him and erase his illiteracy and teach him a profession that he has mastered, .

Not to consider "street children" as criminals and to coordinate with the police in order not to be arrested and imprisoned without guilt, but that he did not find shelter to shelter, or improve the food.

Rehabilitation of street children and their integration into the community to provide health and social services to them to be away from the street.

Training specialists, social workers and psychologists to deal with them and the use of social researchers for girls.

The pressure on the state after the success of work on the sample of 10 children to allocate areas of land commensurate with these numbers for the establishment of cities in the desert to house and live and rehabilitation of children and thus the community will benefit from this huge human resource that harms the community now and does not benefit.

Campaign duration: 12 months

Cost of the campaign: - Rent a villa in a new city such as the fifth assembly 15000 pounds per month.

Insurance: - 2 months 30000 pounds.

The total rent is only 12 months 180000 LE + 30,000 insurance = LE 210000.

Teacher and teacher allowances over the course of 12 months 200000 pounds.

The cost of food throughout the year If we assume the cost per person per day for 3 meals 100 pounds in 10 individuals, the cost per year will be 360000 pounds.

The cost of clothing throughout the year is 50,000 pounds.

As for the website, media and advertising expenses, we will rely on self-sufficiency.

Return value of problem resolution:

The material cost of solving this problem may be large, but it is not comparable to the return that results from its solution. It is the result of the state economy, but the whole world as these children are the future generation. When we solve this problem, the state economy may increase by billions of pounds.

Return value of problem resolution:
The material cost of solving this problem may be large, but it does not compare with the return that results from its solution. It is the state economy, but the whole world, as these children are the future generation. When we solve this problem, the state economy may increase by billions of pounds. Young children in the future can be relied upon and solved by providing security and safety because this will disappear the danger caused by children such as theft, delinquency, crime and homelessness and terrorism, but they will help others and are also themselves to prevent the homelessness of children Therefore, we will become an advanced country with its young people and children and will not suffer from any kind of violence, ignorance, criminality and disease, but will become a source of ideas and skills to promote the world.

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