Storyteller trips is a mobile theater project that aims to promote non-violent communication
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Project Summary

The storyteller trips is a mobile theater project that aims to promote non-violent communication and to develop child imagination and self-expression in the Lebanese communities. The trips will be performed by a group of actors who will perform in several  public spaces in coordination with municipalities and schools in the Lebanese regions, and will reach children from 4 to 12 years old from different backgrounds and regions.

The main story character will be the storyteller who will renew old stories about traditions and values in a modern way, and  emphasize on conflict resolution, child rights, and the importance of diversity in our societies. 

After each performance, each child will get a small ''drawing theater kit'' in order to create by himself his stories, and develop his imagination and creativity.

The Lebanese Center for Civic Education would like to start the ''storyteller trips initiative'' from Akkar region, where many  children live in vulnerable conditions, and where access to theater and to artistic activities are difficult. For this reason we need your support to cover the fees of 10000 USD in order to realize the performances and reach a minimum of 2000 children in 2017 through 12 performances in different Akkari villages, and distribute a minimum  of 2000 theater drawing kits after the performances. All the performances and the theater drawing kits will be free of charge to all the participants.

The trips are intended to start form Akkar, and to reach later on all the Lebanese regions .

Project Impact:

- 2000 children and their parents will participate in interactive theater performances, especially in places that lack recreational spaces

- Social cohesion, and peace building initiative by gathering together children from different backgrounds and culture, and by communicating messages on diversity and conflict resolution

- Reanimation of ''Storyteller'' character in a modern way to be appealing for children

-  Sustainable impact by distribution of 2000 ''theater drawing kit'' that enable the children to inspire from the play characters and create their stories in their turn.

Previous projects

The Lebanese Center for Civic Education has realized previous projects on non violent communication to children using art techniques, and noticed  children needs to have recreational activities but at the same time to develop children self-expression and build their creativity.

Through different initiatives LCCE built  capacities of hundreds of youth to provide psycho-social and recreational activities for children and implemented several events for children. LCCE recreational and positive communication events were performed in the following villages and regions in Lebanon:

- Beirut : Art For Unity

Peace building and network building among public secondary Lebanese school children in 15 schools in the area of Greater Beirut using performing and plastic arts.

-  Akkar (Bebnine, Qobet Shmara, Arqa, Birqayil, Sfayne, Kwechra)

Capacity building to develop facilitators' capacity to build children resiliency and to help them deal with their Expressions of fear, anxiety, sadness, loss choc, and nostalgia

- Marjeyoun ( Kfarkela, Jdediet Marjeyoun, Qibl Elsaqui, Khiyem, Klayaa)

Implementation of positive communication events to raise awareness about non-violent behavior, child rights and conflict resolution in an entertaining and interactive method with children

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