Support our campaign to open SADA, the first Social Expressive Arts Studio at the former dividing conflict line in Tripoli, Lebanon
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Support SADA to open the first Social Expressive Arts Studio at the former dividing conflict line in Tripoli, Lebanon.

WHAT IS #StompTheLine

A Campaign to raise $25,000 to open SADA, a Social Expressive Arts Studio in Tripoli to bring people together by stomping the dividing line of separation through the arts and Playback Theatre. 

SADA, Social Expressive Arts Studio will be situated at the former dividing conflict line in the former conflict areas of Tripoli, Lebanon. SADA studio will be a creative hub for relationship building paving the way for conflict reconciliation for local communities through the healing arts of Playback Theatre, Drama Therapy, Music, Dance, Voice and Movement practices. The hub will act as a platform to support the locals on the road to resolve decades of conflict, isolation and grievance. 

SADA studio will be the first arts hub catering directly to the communities of the conflict stricken neighbourhoods of Bab El-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, Qubbeh and other areas  in Tripoli, offering a safe space for workshops, classes and weekly performances as means for expression bringing the multi-cultural communities together to ease the tensions and offer a chance to meet one another and share stories that can blur the lines of separation and fear. SADA will also play an important role as a bridge between the creative artistic community of Beirut and Tripoli where there exists a crucial need to expose Tripoli to the arts and theatre in general.


The city of Tripoli is the second largest in Lebanon and hosts one of the most impoverished and underdeveloped areas in the Middle East. The conflict areas of Al Qobbeh, Jabal Mohsen and Tebbaneh lived through many rounds of conflict for over 40 years leaving severe scars on the different communities living there. Battles between neighbourhoods escalated for six years from 2008 to 2014, almost door to door armed conflicts, till the militarised “security plan” stopped the firing. The socio-economic situation in these neighborhoods continues to deteriorate in the absence of any post conflict governmental plans especially on the developmental and social levels. 

Relationship building on the ground level is a crucial step to pave the way for emotional and psychological healing since reconciliation is a very sensitive topic for discussion in these areas. The use of expressive arts and playback theatre in a safe environment as tools to address these social issues promote openness and self-expression as a form of communal dialogue. 


SADA is the first Playback Theatre troupe in Tripoli where 14 actors from different communities came together in 2017 to create a safe platform for expression. SADA troupe has been actively involved in conflict stricken areas working on the ground to bring healing and increase awareness among locals on the underlying social and political conditions that led to hostilities and armed conflict. 

The establishment of Sada was part of the Tripoli Mechanisms for Social stability (MSS) within the UNDP Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme – LHSP in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs – MOSA through the ”Peacebuilding in Lebanon” project. 


Playback Theatre is a spontaneous improvised theatre that emerges from unique interactions between audience and performers. Someone tells a story or moment from their life, chooses actors to play the roles and watches as their story or moment  is immediately recreated given artistic shape and coherence. Using structured rituals, improvisations, story sharing, and deep listening, the form becomes a communal healing promoting empathy, compassion and acceptance.  

Playback Theatre uses oral tradition, creative dramatics, experimental theatre, psychodrama, and social activism as means to deliver public theatre.

It was created and developed in the US in 1975 by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas who were nominated to win the alternative Nobel Peace Prize for Social Transformation around the world. Currently it is practiced in over 60 countries in local communities as public theatres and workshops, in educational and clinical settings.

“What emerged was a theatre devoted to embodying truth; to the personal accounts of ordinary people, including from those usually unheard from; to an emergent creativity demanding a deep ensemble; to rhythm and ritual; to an animating approach combining workshop and performance; to an allegiance to safety without avoiding risk; and finally to a way of communicating that lies at the core of what it is.” Jonathan Fox



PHASE 1: $6,000

Rent out one of the houses at the dividing line for one year- former barricades during the conflict between the two neighborhoods of Bab el Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen and Qubbeh

PHASE 2: $12,000

Restore and develop the space as an Expressive Arts studio- work on infrastructure, walls, floors, kitchen, toilets etc...

PHASE 3: $18,000

Equipment and space preparation: lighting, sound mixer, theatre floor furnishing, chairs, pillows, matts, computers, cabinets, shelving etc… 

PHASE 4: $25,000

Cover costs to launch and operate the studio in Summer 2019 for one year. Cover operational and logistic costs for SADA. 


  1. By your generous contribution through this platform, however big or small, or 

  2. By helping raise money through your local community, or,

  3. By purchasing a performance for one of your preferred communities in Lebanon, or,

  4. By simply sharing the link with your networks. 

Any financial support can add to the campaign. We are confident that by reaching out not only to our network of friends and supporters, but also to the wider community, we will be able to raise the necessary funds to open the studio. 

You can also send us a 5-10 second footage of your stomping on the ground as an expression of action/echo to get involved in our cause to bring people together! 

Thank you!

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SADA is the first Playback Theater troupe in Tripoli formed by 14 local actors coming from various neighborhoods and communities residing in the city. They aim to establish a safe platform where their communities can express their narratives, memories, fears,…

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