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Supporting local communities by Social Tourism in Jordan
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


 supporting local communities in Jordan by Social Tourism

A Social Tourism project aimed at "social travelers" to aid in sustainable development in local communities!


I-Dare, as a non-profit organization, is developing an E-platform to serve Social Tourism in Jordan in order to help in boosting socio-economic sustainable development for local communities in a number of cities in Jordan. 

Article: "¿What is Social Tourism?"

The content of this e-platform will be generated and collected through travelling. The best way to explain about a country in exploring, searching, meeting places and their people. To recollect new stories and initiatives and put their names and faces in a map. This is a Social Tourism map. Indeed, the locals know the secret places and no one better than them can explain and show you about their tradicional lifestyle. We are also organizing a series of international work camps that will be held at different times during the year and in different cities. The international work camps will be multi-cultural and each camp will be dedicated to specific theme. This will allow social travelers who are taking part in the work-camp to experience parts in Jordan like locals are doing, creating a multicultural dialogue, working on a specific mission, feeding into the e-platform, promoting the marginalized/remote areas by placing them into "alternative" tourism map.


Jordan is a country that lack natural resources but, it has a number of significant places that are normally not promoted as touristic attractions. In such areas local communities make a living out of what they are able to get from touristic season which is normally not enough and recently these local communities are not able to get any bookings at all due to the volatile political situation in the region and also due to lack of skills and knowledge of marketing and promotion with this segment of small-size family-operated tourism.  

If we do not step and collaborate together these people will have nothing to do and their communities will always be remote and not accessible. Together we can change this and work together towards sustainable development in a real way. 


With a digital platform and a social network that we are building together with our friends and partners from around the world we are building this platform along with actual international work camps that we are launching in July 2016... together we will be spreading and promoting the notion of "social travelling" and to provide "alternative" means for enabling this form of tourism/travelling. 

#StepforJordan is our way "together" to test and to promote responsible and sustainable tourism as a best practice to enable concrete models for sustainable development in local communities. 

Together we will raise awareness about the value of alternative tourism. Together we will facilitate searching for alternative places based on local recommendations, contributing in an immersive and cultural encounter. Together we will create content and feed the first mapping of Social Tourism spots in Jordan in order to aid these local communities in its own sustainable development.

What We Need and What You Get

We are doing couple of fundraising initiatives (online and offline) we aim to collect some amount of money in order to help us in building the e-platform, partially fund the first 2 international camps, and to partially fund the mapping trips our local team is currently doing...so, we are fundraising simply!

How we can reward our supporters?

On the emotional and value level since we will be together in this and your support in whatever way means a lot... for the crowd funding purposes, we designed couple of rewarding packages to say thank you... but, you also can take more active part by actually joining our international work camps (we will be announcing them soon), you also may assist us online and through other means that we can discuss.

Beside all of that, together we will be actually enhancing the life of local communities, creating more job opportunities, exchanging and sharing knowledge, and enabling "alternative social tourism". 

We believe in Social Tourism.

Who knows... maybe it inspires new projects in other places!  

The Impact

Social Tourism is a potential way for gradual growth and a good practices to create new opportunities in small towns. This is a special need for the Jordan country. In march 2015, King Abdullah II defined the improvement of best practices in tourism sector as a "priority" for local development and fight the regional crises. Jordan is nowadays one of the firsts hosts countries in refugee issues and since 2011 is passing through instability and war which affected tourism sector negatively; one of the main economic gains. 

We want this project to be a crowd-innovative mean to revive alternative tourism in Jordan and elsewhere. 

For that, 2017 would be the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism”, declared by General Assembly of United Nations, awarding that tourism is a considerable sector for "helping to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive development" providing new livelihood windows. 

I-Dare Community!

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  28 Jan,2016

Thank you!
Thank you for the 200 shares, all your support messages, trending topic mentions… 
and almost 600 dollars for #STEPforJordan!
We are everyday working hard in our office, visiting the most wonderful places in 
Jordan and meeting the nicest people in order to make this project come true.

#STEPforJordan: Trending Topic in Jordan
We did it! 
Lot of efforts but, finally, we could make that #STEPforJordan was TT for about 10 


It was so useful to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign and the idea we 

want to share about Social Tourism possibilities within the Jordanian (an also non-

Jordanian) users. 

Press presence

The good reference and digital presence made us appear in different media and 

conversations. By now, we know that the nice people from @Spin_Jordan’s radio 

program was talking about us! Thank you so much!

Our feedback continues… last week we met the people from Trendesign Magazine, to have a chat together and explain them our project. We are excited!

“What is Social Tourism?”

We also produce content related with this sustainable topic. Check out our website, 

and read our first article: “What is Social Tourism?”. Follow also our everyday in the Youtube's channel or watch our video pills in Snapchat (i-dare). 

Meanwhile, we are preparing some new advances to promote more offline our 

campaign and the idea of this project.

Keep sharing!

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Go to the field directly! We want you to meet Ajloun or Salt cities, talk with the people, try the traditional food and feel its nature. With this option, you have a completed nice tour with transportation included from Amman. Also, it is added the digital publication guide, the grateful video and the mention in all our social media profiles.
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