Space for Children: Education and Culture

A space for cultural education, free contemporary activities, fine arts, music & literature
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

It is a Cultural space for learning: free activities (fine art,music, reading and literature) and technical training for Art, various raw materials and variants and culture in general..

Space is an area simply designed to be comfortable and an Eastern tinge modern style, receives visitors interested in the arts and literature of both sexes and young children, to borrow books or spend quality time to research and learn the art or music.

who we are ?

a group of educated youth , concerning of our community to perform children educational culture in a space in Palestine

Concept :

A wide vision to open enhancing world of diversity and innovation to suit the taste of human in the twentieth century, countries beyond the place to come with everything that is beautiful and different.


Due to the difficult living conditions in Palestine in general and Gaza in particular, we think to perform a cultural development project to make a free man ( young children ) , innovative thinker seeks renewable ideas, despite the difficult reality of living in Gaza and the acquisition of culture kept pace with other developing countries ..

why should I fund this project ?

through your fund to this project, you participate to change life in area with a closure for 10 years , full of political conflicts and wars. children in this area needs open future and hope to go forward. So our project ( space ) is innovative idea to create a different atmosphere for Arts , Science and music in open workshops , also for creativity , to rehabilitate our home identity & culture.

your love & fund can provide a chance for new generation to rise and many educated young people to work with them.

through this idea to came real we participate to make new artists and musicians have amazing taste ..

staff :

-  coaches : mohammed el emrani , Manal el deeb , Moeen el sousi

- Administrator : Ismael el jarro  

* the site is 12 m long hall, wide & contemporary
* Palestine , gaza , gaza centre , unknown soldier zone.
* the place is available but needs general preparation , the rent money is available and the staff.

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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moeen abdel-latif el sousi Palestine artist Ba in Environment Sciences diploma in social work & Humanity fine art course for 6 months sculpture course creative writing course ICDL computer course I have my own art studio in palestine ,producing art…

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a peice of art from sapce for culture & art wood slice with hand made calligraphy
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a peice of art from sapce for culture & art acrylic on canvas with wood hand made frame
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