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"We want people to develop, exercise and celebrate their creative potential in KSA."
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"We want people to develop, exercise and celebrate their creative potential." 

                                                                     -- Sofana Dahlan, Co-Founder SNCI 

Saudi National Creative Initiative (SNCI) was  inspired by the Saudi National Strategic Vision for 2030 - marking a shift towards a knowledge economy, which is mainly based on investing in local creative human resources and contributing to the creation of employment opportunities for youth, while diversifying sources of national income.

Our objective is to explore, analyze and document the reality of local creative industries in Saudi Arabia. Through a tailor-made long-term programme, SNCI is working to identify active Saudi creative pioneers at all levels, while pinpointing their potential and the obstacles they face. This process will enable effective development programmes to be designed, based on statistics and precise data obtained from the innovators themselves.

In a nutshell, SNCI is an initiative that aims at developing, rehabilitating and researching the local creative scene to make the shift towards a knowledge economy, a reality for KSA. 

The impact we envision for KSA 

The SNCI programme will be implemented in three main cities: Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar, in two phases: Phase 01: 2015 - 2017 & Phase 02: 2017 - 2019

SNCI intends to ensure an accurate and detailed reading of the reality of local creativity, and to provide precise programmes in support of its successful development, in order to ensure active participation in the creative process in KSA. 

SNCI also aims to support and boost the Saudi economy and diversify its sources of revenue, in a way that will have a positive impact on local society, both economically and culturally, and that will solidify Saudi creativity’s future presence both regionally and internationally – all for the purpose of contributing to the achievement of the Saudi national strategy for development.

What We Need & What You Get

In March 2015, four months since our launch, we hosted our very first project - the Saudi Creative Weeks Jeddah: Saudi German Creative Week. SCW was conceived with the idea of inviting international experts to interact with local creative professionals and community through workshops, talks and consultancy sessions to establish a participatory and collaborative approach within the creative industry in Saudi Arabia.

We need your support to grow stronger and build a solid base for the creative industries to thrive in KSA! We are looking to raise $4000 to plan and activate the following projects as part of the SCW Jeddah chapter. 

April 2015: Media and Advertising Design Week 

May 2015: Social Creativity Week 

June 2015: Fashion and Beauty Week 

All our contributors will be celebrated on the 'Wall of Gratitude' on SNCI's website. We want the world to know that you made a difference! 

$5 - $25: A place on our 'Wall of Gratitude' on SNCI's website. 

$30: 'Design Matters' t-shirts 

$50: Exclusively designed badges celebrating the creative spirit 

$75: Exclusively designed tote bags celebrating the creative spirit 

$100: Lecture/ Workshop passes at one of the SCW Jeddah events

$300: Creative lunch with the SNCI team 

$500: Membership for 2 months at Kayan Space, coworking house.

Other Ways You Can Help 

If you like what SNCI stands for, support us by getting the word out! Share our campaign and help us reach our goal of building a creative economy in KSA. To quote Zoomal, “It is time to bring back Arab Creativity!" 

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Sofana Dahlan is the co-founder of SNCI, CEO & Founder of Tashkeil SAL and Kayan Space+Studios, organisations though which she continues to revive the Creative Industry in the Middle East.. She is a motivational speaker and an icon for women…

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$30 or more

47 Available

Exclusive 'Design Matter' t-shirts designed by the SNCI team.
$50 or more

50 Available

Exclusively designed badges celebrating the creative spirit.
$75 or more

30 Available

Exclusively designed tote bags celebrating the creative spirit.
$100 or more

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Lecture/ Workshop passes at one of the SCW Jeddah events, of your choice.
$300 or more

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A creative lunch with the SNCI team and pioneers from the creative industries in KSA.
$500 or more

8 Available

Membership for 2 months at coworking house, Kayan Space.
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