An educational center aimed at children and adolescents in a refugee camp ... This project aims at psychological treatment of children due t
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Hello, I am Issa Zaqout, a citizen of Ghazzawi who lived between the walls of siege and successive wars, I studied the university stage specialized speech treatment and speech problems and was the nature of my work with children in particular, through the nature of my work and contact with the children found that the main cause of stuttering and speech problems and introversion and a lot of Serious mental illness on the future of the child, which can be the end of his talents and innovations is the result of psychological condition in a vertical because of the wars and the difficult situation of the special people of Gaza City ... My main goal is to reach the talent that can be stimulated and development when discovered in the child and in the future I wish to allocate a special center to take care With every talent that can be discovered through this project that I would like to establish ...

So I decided to launch this project that targets children and you know how much psychological factor has a negative or positive impact on the future of the child ... A feasibility study was developed for this project and the lowest costs were possible for the project to be held. The example continued with the psychologists and prepared to volunteer for the success of this project But there is some money for the beginning. For example, I found that there is about $ 3,000 in the project's rent, and there are some expensive equipment that have been excluded and relied on at least the cost of some important equipment that can not be dispensed like the necessary furniture. Up to $ 3,000 ... and a minimum of $ 3,000 worth of equipment ... Your support for this unique project in the Gaza Strip, which is based on improving the psychological factor of the child, is the cornerstone for bringing out a generation that has a tremendous ability to control its abilities and talents. The potential of this village is fading. The building of a child's mind is the cornerstone of the future of a people and a full society in the future

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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I am Issa Zaqout, a young man born and raised in Gaza, since childhood I dreamed to live a life like other children and youth of the world, but the circumstances of this country and the wars that Aistha buried…

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