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Silhouette: it's a faction long movie. written and directed by : Mamdouh Hamatto
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We all dream the same dream .. that's not all.. All who dream of this  dreams it's a one person..

Andrei Tarkovsky

Silhouette" it's the first long movie by: Mamdouh Hamatto 

A dramatic cinematic journey talking about glimpses of a person life and this person is searching for him self and the meaning of his true life in a middle of the troubled world.

The film raises questions about the philosophy of life, Isolation and a sense of alienation , Art , Community , Reality overlap with dreams , and the past and its role in shaping the future 

Silhouette is an independent film to everyone is looking for beauty and truth..

Mamdouh Hamatto

for who is this film?

Even though Sillhouette's film was performed by an Egyptian crew and will be shooted in Egypt but We can say with confidence that it touches everyone, if it's a local, regional and Globally

Why we chose crowdfunding? 

The traditional methods of producing films do not suit us and do not meet our artistic ambitions, For reasons related to creative freedom, and in order to respect the art and the public .



  the director of silhouette film is a film maker, he worked in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf for 10 years, he has edited and directed many works ,  Sillhouette's his first long film career, making it a real new challenge for him, The director hopes to succeed in sharing his passion for film with an audience that hopes to establish a long-term relationship with him.

About the Silhouette team

Sillhouette film will rely on a team of talented young professionals"Your confidence and support for a team of young entrepreneurs in this project, your support for them helps in achieving a better future for them.

Because you are a partner in the creativity of "Sillhouette" you have to know our plan of action.

What do we need and what do we get?

The film will be produced in many levels Therefore, the first and second achievement we have identified may help us take a good step in starting the film,but still remains an incomplete step, support us to reach the overall goal of  $48,000 It is the total budget of the film.

Zoomaal will help you reach  $48,000 in two months, which will be paid as follows:

- the first phase / pre-production "will be at that stage, which is six months work on"

- Contracting with representatives and the work of the roles and rehearsals.

- Completion of the contract with the executive and technical staff to work.

- Previewing sites and arranging decorations for internal sites.

- Phase II / production stage "ten weeks"

- The work will be filmed in full.

- Phase III / post-production phase "duration of three months"

- At this stage will prepare a montage and film mascara and color correction.

- Writing translations of the film in English, German and French, in order to participate in international festivals.

We will start working immediately after the completion of the campaign.

We will begin filming in the winter of 2017.

- Marketing campaign for film and media support.

- Movie website.

- Shareholders' incentives and shipping charges.

You can choose the amount you would like to participate in our support and choose the right gift for you from several possibilities.

Why you will support Silhouette?

Our primary goal is artistic creativity, and the cinema is the most beautiful art in which we live through which new and amazing experiences affect us and on our lives, Who is not affected by a film? Or a good film scene? Let us all share that cinematic passion and Let us work on an silhouette experience.

 And there is another reason for your support for us is that the film industry is expensive, so what you see on the screen is behind a team working for months to reach this film and you like it, Since the stage of preparation of the first writing, castings, rehearsals, building decoration, photography, sound recording, lighting equipment, post-production stage of editing, coloring, and music, Do you imagine how many employees in all those stages and time and effort to get to you, But after this effort and after we produce the movie , we find that with the winners, the good artwork we live in enjoy from time to time for decades.

 why your support is important!!

All that we have dreamed of can only remain a dream forever unless you decide that this beautiful dream will turn into a reality that we see every day on the screen of the cinema, and we share in winning the festival awards in which we can participate in our work.

Do not have the money to support us?

We understand that, and here comes your role in helping us to publish and achieve our project, and we appreciate you to share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus and all the means that allow people to participate) ... You can also use your own ways to help dream that Become a fact, write an article or talk to a friend about us or with a sponsor who supports the works of art and each one of us has his or her own way of supporting and participating.

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Mamdouh Hamatto Born in 1985 Cairo, Egypt, Mamdouh lived in Cairo for most of his life except for some periods to spend some business in the Arab Gulf States, Mamdouh studied tourism management And then Film and Television Arts in…

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You are a golden person you will get a full privileges of Silhouette + As well as a producer on the titles of the movie
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