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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


Platform pioneering interactive help link between young Arab creative (recent graduates and entrepreneurial) with wanting to convert their ideas into start-ups.

My partner aims to create a platform for Arab entrepreneurs and emerging companies hiring talented professionals to do their jobs, large and small, and at the same time provides a place for talented professionals to find projects they are working and have them share in the shares of companies

Of a success story worked on the application of the idea of ​​my partner in the creation of Acharkathm, the success of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his friends the story.

Team work

Ibrahim Saleem

Social activist in the field of business and the owner of the idea of ​​volunteering and my partner platform, social media diploma from the German University of Jordan. Trying to develop young Arab world and went to the lead and set up small enterprises, coach in social media.

Mohammed Bassam

Who specializes in programming Alandroed, he received a bachelor's degree in computer science from Princess Sumaya University  and worked in many of the major companies in Jordan participated in the competent authorities in the field of programming and won several awards aspires to establish, especially in the world of digital programming and company competitions.

Why do we need and what we get?

We have launched this campaign on the site "with a capital" to raise funds to build a platform better and more user-friendly on the Internet. We have many ideas Aalraiah.!

We also also collect donations to cover the cost of the promotion of the platform. We can to extend our support to more young leadership, to pursue growth and remain active through our platform. Simply put: we need to create even maintains attendance to him, and to enable the largest possible number of young people.

Our goal is to collect US $ 5,000 to cover the development of the site on the Internet, and management, and the cost of design, in addition to the creation and establishment of Applications of mobile coverage associated with the promotion of the site and advertising cost with Facebook and Google, and the establishment of the platform event announcement.

 Importance of the project for young people

1. engaged in the production and service activities and intellectual commodity.

2. cover a large part of the local market needs.

3. contribute to the preparation of skilled labor.

4. participate in solving the problem of unemployment.

5. Tsa'daly technology development of local production and the arts in the community and the payment of these projects to the good competitive positions.

6. Small enterprises work to achieve regional balance in the community throughout the process of economic development (industry / trade / services / Contracting).

And other means of help

We rely on your support to introduce us! registered your access to the site and donated to the project if one dollar, and to participate in social media and on the Internet and via e-mail, and encouraged friends to donate in order to achieve what we seek!

Thank you for your time, and your interest and your support!

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Social activist in the field of business and the owner of the idea of volunteering and my partner platform, social media diploma from the German University of Jordan. Trying to develop young Arab world and went to the lead and…

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