The Shittiest Short Film Ever Made

I don't have money to make a decent short film , so I parodied the concept of student films
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I Majored in Film Making and Cinematography in a Private University in order to get the best education ( since the government does not support tuition fees). I finished all my courses in 3 years in 2012 , and I was one of who got the highest scores in my promotion .

So What is this project ?

This is my Student film . I was supposed to graduate in 2012 but i couldn't Why ? Because I don't have enough money to film a decent short film which led me to write more than 8 short films in order to get a decent one with the lowest budget . So I created something that is more suitable budget wise and , well , more me since im a stand up comic .So this film is basically a short parody about student short films in every film genre possible . It is an international film since everyone would understand and laugh at , and also it will be a hit in all the film festivals since im parodying what they are doing .

What will 5000$ help me with ?

The amount requested will simply help me produce the film . From Light/Camera/Sound equipment rental , to props ( I use lots of props in my comedy sometimes) , to wardrobe , to generator , food , transportation , Post-Production , and creating copies of the film and applying to film festivals .

What will you get in Return ?

If you helped me do the film , You will get of course the satisfaction of creating something shitty plus :

1- A Tshirt that says " I Helped creating the shittiest short film you will ever see "

2- A Copy of the film ( With a special thanks in the credits)

3- Tickets to my stand up comedy shows

4- I will invite you to my comedy radio show to be my special guest !

5- A Huge Hug ! ( Why ? because Im fat ?)

How will I be executing the project ?

I am always editing my script , so when the fund is available I will start the pre-production which will take at least 2 weeks where im gonna cut out the film , location scouting , do casting auditions , meetings with the crew , etc...

Then , when everything is ready , The filming will take at least 3 days . 

After the filming I am going to edit , sound design and mix , color and finalize the film for at least 2 weeks . 

Then I am going to present it to the university jury , of course inchalla I will pass , and then apply the film to all the film festivals around the globe 

Why you should help me out ?

As I said Im stand up comic , and also Im in the creative of the hit satire show " Chi.N.N "  which means , I know comedy . And Comedy is my ultimate passion !

Also I do lots of comedy skits , and funny bits on my youtube channel that I write/produce/film/edit/perform , and I have more than 20000 views ! 

So having the opportunity to shoot a comedy short film , and spread it around the world is more than amazing + it will help me get my diploma and apply for my masters degree , who knows maybe I can get a decent masters scholarship !

If this film is made , and it becomes a hit , It will help me also attract producers to create my first written sitcom and also it will help my online comedy network that I am working on !

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Beirut, Lebanon
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Wissam Kamal "The Doctor" is a Lebanese Stand up Comedian / Film Maker Started Performing when he was 17 years old .His first performance took place in Gemmayze on December 13th 2009. Wissam has made tons of live events ,…

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T-shirts that says " I helped creating the shittiest short film you will ever see "
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Just a copy of my film- That's all . I know glory is too much , but come on .
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Tickets to my upcoming stand up comedy shows + Drinks (If available )
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I will interview you , you will be my special guest on my comedy radio show . We will talk live to over 1000 listeners , prank a few , laugh a bit .
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