Spreading culture, knowledge among young people in Istanbul through lending books
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

How it started?

I am a book worm.. and so many others like me.. I came to Istanbul from 2 years.. and I found  found a lack of influential arabic books for young people.. which motivated me to publish arabic books.. I started my Idea by 200 books in my home and I made a rent system.. and found that the people liked it so much..

Why we need it?

We are in a time which needs from us to have mature minds to deal with it, and reading is the gate to the mind awareness. The journey of the thousand miles starts with a step.

Mission.. Vision.. Goals..


to spread culture and knowledge for young people through lending them both cultural and scientific books.


The biggest library for lending books in turkey helps to improve awareness of young people.


  • Expand the perceptions of young people.
  • to spread cultural for young people at the lowest cost.
  • providing books to young people which are not available in istanbul
  • Increase the percentage of readers in Istanbul.


  • Speed
  • obligation
  • honesty
  • Cooperation


Mind.. intellect.. awareness

we need as a starting step a bout 16000$:

to purchase 700 books

to make official registration for the project in turkey.

as well as the cost of the place for 6 months

To make website and Adv. costs.

Books10 dolars for each book and 1.5 for shipping70011.58050
officialofficial registration115501550
officialAccountant salary for 6 months6 months120720
Place 6 months rent6 months4502700

U style training room + reception   
Receptionreception table1100100
Receptionreception chairs250100
chair 18080
ReceptionLibrary Shelves815120
Training roomStudents tables (200*50)
Training roomStudent chairs1240480
Training roomBoard1100100
Training roomTrainer table14545
MediaWebsite6 months1272
MediaAdv.6 months50300
Total   15992
When I will have the first 3000$ I can:

pay deposit and commission and rent for 3 months

reception room preparing

When I will have the first 6000$ I can:

pay deposit and commission and rent for 3 months

making website and Adv. costs

add 150 books to the library

When I will have the first 10000$ I can:

prepare place completely and pay deposit and commission and rent for 6 months

making website and Adv. costs

add 350 books to the library

When I will have the first 13000$ I can:

prepare place completely and pay deposit and commission and rent for 6 months

making website and Adv. costs

add 400 books to the library

official registration and accountant salary for 6 months

so that we can earn trust of customers and spread the project more than just a Facebook page. Also give possibility of establishing events of reading and raise awareness.

The project will cover more than 50 thousand people whether university students or employers.

and also a part of project will be lectures of the importance of reading and it’s types, also making reading groups.


your idea..

or send a book..

or help us by an Ad..

a word..

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My passion is the smell of the books Greatly interested in spreading awareness and culture among young people Gratuated from managerial psychology specialization Diploma of social leaders preparation from Alfarha academy Diploma of printing & publishing from Arena academy 3…

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