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We impact marginalized communities by producing eco-friendly, really cool fashion accessories
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Short Summary
High quality fashion can trigger a gentle and gracious development in challenged communities. We are seeing change day by day in the Jerash 'Gaza' Camp in Jordan: skilled women working on masterpieces which aim to make Palestinian embroidery a global business, getting their first ever income, learning English, smiling again. Please help us grow our portfolio, build a strong brand and change life in refugee camps.

The SEP Management Team: from left, Roberta Ventura, May Al Ghoti, Nawal Arada, Maysoon Thabet. The rest of the team: 100 amazing embroiderers from Jerash camp!

What We Need & What You Get
We are self-funding our bags and hats lines. We need your help to grow the 'Bespoke' part of SEP. The funds we are raising will help us build our Bespoke offer (``embroid your coat, your wedding favours, your bedsheets, your tablecloths``): we want people to go embroidery-crazy in London, Milan, Paris! We will build a modern and versatile catalogue, which will mix traditional embroidery with modern colors and modern applications; we will market and advertise the products in Europe and the Middle East; we will build a shopping platform which will make the logistics challenge bearable. What you get: the immediate impact you will achieve is happy ladies and their families in the Jerash camp. For each donation above 50$, you will receive one of our iconic SEP jute tote-bags. We will personalize it for donations above 100$.

The Impact
SEP producers are involved in a project that takes their art abroad and introduces their work and their skills to people who would never have heard of them. They are learning English, they are attending motivational speeches and classes, they are spending time together, earning money. SEP producers are generating income for the first time, in 80% of cases. The background to our operations is a camp that hardly anybody ever heard of, where up to 30,000 people live without an ID in unsuitable homes, with limited or no access to education, health, employment. The SEP producers don't want to leave the camp to seek fortune, they want to be proud of their skills and they want to be able to feed, dress and educate their kids. Please see our brochure on to learn more about our impact in the camp.

Other Ways You Can Help
There are lots of ways you can help the SEP ladies from Jerash Camp: please share this campaign, talk about us, contact us with your most creative ideas!

See pictures for some of the exciting SEP rewards and Thank You!

SEP Embroidered Kufyeh

SEP "Moustache" and "Poppy Pocket" Tote Bags: a 2014 must-have!

A selection of SEP embroidered coasters

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My name is May Al Ghoti, I am the General Manager of SEP Jordan. I am making the best use of my Business Administration degree and Master in Human Resources, working in the refugee camp of Jerash, with a wonderful…

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$10 or more

20 Available

One Coaster made of high quality fabric, embroidered in Jerash camp in one of our best-selling patterns.
$20 or more

30 Available

A set of three stylish coasters hand-embroidered by the Sep team according to your color and pattern specifications.
$50 or more

39 Available

Thank you for your your generosity! The reward is a SEP moustache tote bag in a colour of your choice.
$100 or more

29 Available

A SEP embroidered kuffyeh in the colour of your choice.
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