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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


SEIDEH is a platform that brings you the latest offers once announced through SEIDEH website and mobile App which available for android and IOS. Users can search offers by categories. Also users can follow companies to get their latest offers once announced.

SEIDEH for business allows companies to promote their offers with affordable prices to guarantee the best return on investment for them by using advanced targeting (Gender, Age and Location).  In addition to advanced reports which shows the number of ad views compared with the targeted audience. Also SEIDEH provides instant call to action which allows users to call the advertiser in one click. 

You can download the application through these links,

What is interesting about SEIDEH App?

SEIDEH application idea is new in Jordan where people can sort the companies ads and compare it in one place where the purchase decision comes easy and they also save money and time. As for the companies we help them attract customers and increase their sales and also provide them with detailed reports for their campaigns, which can't be provided by traditional media such as newspapers, radio, TV, etc. In addition to saving money spent on advertising, where the monthly subscription in SEIDEH application is less than the cost of one day in the traditional media mentioned above.

Our Idea started two years ago where the application development took one year then we launched the App on play and apple stores on Oct 2016 and in ten months we reached 50,000 downloads.

A lot of people had benefit from the App by getting the best offers and discounts as for the companies from people whom bought their products.

We spent our budget on the App development, company registration and marketing campaigns to get the 50,000 downloads. Now we are in the middle of our journey and our target is to reach 200,000 downloads then we can sell our service to companies as a monthly subscription and our project can be sustainable and we can develop our services more and more.

we tried to sell our services but most of companies agreed that if we have 100,000+ downloads then they definitely will invest on monthly subscription with us.

Today we need you support and fundding to reach 200,000 downloads. The needed fund is 100,000 USD and to be invested as below,

Digital marketing campaign on google network and apple and play store (75,000 USD) to reach 150,000 downloads plus the currant 50K downloads will reach our target.

25,000 USD for the company expense such as rent, salaries, servers, internet etc..

Why to support us?

We are in the era of technology and our idea is simply entrepreneurial (using technology to replace the traditional media). Today all people have smartphones and use applications and the below report gives you an indication about smartphones and application downloads penetration in Jordan as per to Ipsos Group  

And this slide shows the Mobile growth insights,

Our power comes from the application users and the detailed reports which traditional media can't provide and the cost of our service which is around 10% from traditional media. 

So what do you think, do we deserve your support?

If you couldn't support us financially then please download the App and share our case by sharing techniques offered by Zoomaal.  

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