Seeds of Future- بذرة لبكرة

It's an Android mobile application that lets people of Jordan order trees for free
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 08 Jul,2015

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We, a group of students from the Jubilee School, have founded the unique "Seeds of Future" campaign.  Technology has advanced; now, clothes, fast foods, and other stuff can be purchased from the internet.  Our role joined nature and technology to provide you with the very first application that delivers flowers, bushes, and even trees directly to your doorstep! The difference is that our campaign is completely free for the client; only to prove that the radiant green that we'd love to see in our world is priceless, and this can be achieved only with the help of our fellow contributors.

All you need to do to order a tree is to download the application from the play store, then choose trees that are in three categories. After a couple of days we'll be on your doorstep with volunteers to plant the trees for you! and everything is for free. 

 We have our goal set at 2800 dollars, which will be kept in safe hands, and used in achieving one of our goals in delivering: Reaching other Jordanian governorates.

Why us? The reason is simple: we are young dreamers that impersonated their dream, with the supervision of our beloved school, the spirit of determination, and the help of our fellow contributors, this dream ought to sprout rapidly. In addition, our dear contributors will be given tokens of appreciation; the names of our fellow contributors will be mentioned in the yearly book of the Jubilee School, our campaign's mobile application, Jubilee School's website, on the media, and will be thanked and awarded in our opening ceremony which will be determined at a later date, and of course not to forget the feeling of satisfaction.

We've been delivering trees to many houses in Jordan, we've reached 800 different houses, and helped other initiatives with providing trees and volunteers. Our journey has started since March 2015, and we want to proceed with what we have started  

Our world has, unfortunately, reached a critical stage of pollution; forests are getting ruthlessly cut down, and the green is less and less to be seen. Our primary goal is to change this fact in our beloved earth, with the help of our beloved contributors, and our fellow volunteers; we, Seeds of Future, will give our best shot to make "Let the green be seen" a reality impersonating in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, some people might not be able to contribute financially to our campaign, but this is not the only way you can help us! You'll aid us plenty when you share our campaign on social media, speak about it with your friends, and make a huge noise for our campaign, in order to help us reach our goal; humanity's goal: A greener world. 

You can help us in many different ways: financially, or just share the project and help us reach our goal! 

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About ourselves: We are all humble students from The Jubilee School, each with different dreams, goals and accomplishments that makes each and every one of us special. However, one goal, dream, and achievement that all of us have is Seeds…

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$5 or more

898 Available

we'll change our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagtam cover pages with a banner that has your names!
$10 or more

500 Available

we'll make a video about the initiative that have your names as Eco knights and warriors for it
$20 or more

399 Available

your name would be printed on a sticker and would be put on one of the trees that will be planted. we're naming trees with your name, make the difference using it!
$30 or more

100 Available

This key chain is made of recycled wood , it has a leaf shape and it's your time to choose whatever you want to write on it! and if you're inside Amman you'd have free shipping for it
$50 or more

100 Available

Choose whatever you want to print on the pot,and we'll make it true!
$75 or more

70 Available

You'll get special trees that aren't mentioned in the application, and you'll get to choose them too from the special list
$150 or more

50 Available

A ticket for two to visit one of the unknown full of adventures place in Jordan, so get ready to interact with your mother nature!
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